Academic Advising: The 4 Year Plan

You will receive academic advisement starting from your very first day on campus. Each first year student is assigned to a "peer group" of 15 or so other students who are mentored by three different advisors through Orientation and throughout the entire first semester.

A professor serves as mentor and academic advisor, answering all academic and major-related questions. ("What classes should I take if I want to double major in English and Physics?")

A CLU administrator acts as a mentor and resource for all non-academic questions. ("Who should I talk to about a job on campus? My car broke down - can you recommend a reliable auto mechanic?)

An upperclass student provides insight as a peer advisor, available for "inside scoop" on campus traditions and community dynamics and to provide useful, firsthand knowledge about the student experience. ("Never, ever show up late to Dr. Stewart's class - trust me!")

Professors will advise you during your first year, listening to and collaborating with you as they design a path of study incorporating all the your aspirations into a four-year plan.

From Dream to Reality

Our Student Career Advisement Portfolio is a tool all students begin using their first week at CLU. It is designed to propel the new freshmen into selecting a major well-matched with their interests and skills, and it encourages students to begin envisioning themselves in a career. There are written exercises such as "Write your resume for yourself at age 28" and "Describe your ideal day at work." This allows students to begin putting ideas down on paper early in their freshman year, ideas and dreams that they will continue to hone and revise over the next four years. It affords students the opportunity to dream on paper, to begin putting words around their dreams, and to begin plotting the steps needed to make those dreams a reality.

Mapping Out Your Journey

First and foremost, CLU students are the progenitors of their own future. The advisement they receive at CLU is all about how to get there. With the assistance of their advisor, new freshmen will map out their four years at CLU, designing a blueprint for all they want to include in their college journey. A student may want to study in Washington, D.C., as a junior and do an internship at the U.S. State Department. Planning for that as a freshman allows our advisors to make the necessary recommendations so that the student completes all the prerequisite coursework prior to the junior year so that the semester in Washington fits perfectly into the four-year plan.

Similar planning and advisement is made to fit any number of activities into the four years - from internships to study abroad to varsity athletics to drama to student government. All the aspirations a student can dream up are made to fit squarely into four years through the aid of personalized advisement beginning from the first day of freshman year onward.

Never Miss a Class

Another element toward ensuring on-time graduation is the frequency with which our classes are offered. All required classes in our academic curriculum are offered every single year, the vast majority of which are offered every semester. Most non-required elective courses are offered yearly as well. Even the most specialized non-required classes on the most obscure of topics are offered no less frequently than every other year.

Additionally, we guarantee on-campus housing all four years.

It's Your Future

The use of the Student Career Advisement Portfolio propels freshmen into the driver's seat of their own future. Combine that sense of ownership with the personalized advisement they receive from professors who are fiercely devoted to their students. Add in abundant professional internship opportunities in every academic discipline, and you've got the dynamic that makes CLU incredibly unique: over the last four years, 98% of our graduates were either enrolled in graduate school or were working in their careers within three months of graduation.

That kind of placement rate is unheard of at most universities. At CLU, our placement rate is the natural outcome of a system created for that very purpose: to ensure the success of our students.