Integrated Studies

One of the most significant elements of our general curriculum is the concept of Integrated Studies. The goal of the whole curriculum is to illuminate the idea that everything must be learned in a context - a discipline cannot be understood in a vacuum. The CLU general curriculum includes some key components designed to underscore relationships and lay open the connectedness between the traditional disciplines.

Global Studies is generally taken in the sophomore year and develops the themes of relatedness and connectedness so prevalent in the core curriculum. Global Studies consists of two combined courses taken consecutively over two semesters - this class is team-taught by two professors from different disciplines.

Writing and Speaking Intensive Courses

The core curriculum includes two courses designed to develop the central competencies of writing and public speaking. These skills are widely adaptable to any career and ensure versatility at any vocation.

Capstone is a requirement for nearly every major. It is taken in the senior year and is designed to tie together all the themes and concepts from both the major program and the general curriculum. It acts as the final segment of a four-year program of critical thinking and investigative insight.