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What should I major in if I want to go to medical school after I graduate?

You have a number of options to choose from in regards to majors when pursuing medical school. The most common majors we have found students choose at CLU are Biological Sciences, Exercise Science, and Biochemistry. As a freshman student we encourage you to talk to your faculty advisor for guidance.

Hi, I have been accepted to CLU. I wanted to know if you offer summer classes? If you do, is there a housing option available?

Yes, we do offer summer school classes and housing. Learn more about options for incoming freshmen and transfer students on the Summer @ CLU website.

What is the 4-to-Finish program?

CLU ensures that students who follow the graduation guarantee guidelines will receive registration priority and obtain classes to graduate with their bachelor's degree on time. If you cannot complete your degree in four years under this agreement, CLU will pick up the cost of your tuition for each additional class required for graduation.

What if you change your major after signing the 4-to-finish contract?

Students must declare a major by the end of the third semester after enrolling at CLU. Science and Liberal Studies majors need to declare a major in the first semester. If a student chooses to change majors after the third semester, the student must ensure the requirements of the new major will still be completed in four years. The guarantee will only cover completion of a single major in a single degree.

How many students actually graduate in 4 years?

61%, but 2013 will be the first class graduating with the 4-to-Finish Guarantee, so that number will likely go up significantly.  For comparison, 14% of freshman graduate from CSUN in 4 years, and the average for the UC’s is 50%.  What we find is that delays in graduation are usually an active decision on the part of the student, and not caused by the lack of availability of classes.  Students will decide to change their major, or add a minor, or study abroad, and sometimes those decisions can impact whether they finish in 4.

Do you have to declare your major before entering CLU?

No. Students do not need to declare their major until their 3rd semester at CLU.

Does CLU participate in ROTC programs?

Students who qualify may enroll in either the Air Force ROTC program or the Army ROTC program. CLU has agreements with the University of California, Los Angeles for Air Force ROTC (see below) and with the University of California, Santa Barbara for Army ROTC. CLU students may enroll in courses at those institutions. Academic units earned in the ROTC programs are counted as elective credits toward graduation at CLU. For further information on ROTC and possible scholarships, contact the Registrar at (805) 493-3105.

I am interested in pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and practicing as an RN upon graduation. Is there a program to accomplish this at CLU?

No. CLU offers a pre-med program, but nothing specific to nursing.

Are Honors or AP classes weighted?

Both Honors and AP classes are weighted.