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Financial Aid

Which 5 UCs are included in the CLU Guarantee Program?

Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Davis, Berkeley, San Diego

What is the 4-to-Finish program?

CLU ensures that students who follow the graduation guarantee guidelines will receive registration priority and obtain classes to graduate with their bachelor's degree on time. If you cannot complete your degree in four years under this agreement, CLU will pick up the cost of your tuition for each additional class required for graduation.

Does my scholarship change if my grades get better after I apply?

Students may appeal to have their application re-evaluated by sending updated transcripts, test scores and a letter to their admission counselor.

When is deadline to apply for the Visual and Performing Arts scholarship?

The deadline to apply is February 1, 2013.  Students will then need to complete their audition or portfolio review by February 22, 2013.

Contact Faculty:

  • Music - Vocal - Wyatt Morton 805-493-3307
  • Music - Instrumental - Daniel Geeting 805-493-3311
  • Art Visual - Michael Pierce 805-493-3316
  • Theater - Michael Arndt 805-493-3416