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Facts and Figures

Which airport is most convenient to land in?

Burbank Airport is the closest to our campus if that option is available; otherwise, Los Angeles International Airport is the second closest option.

How many students actually graduate in 4 years?

61%, but 2013 will be the first class graduating with the 4-to-Finish Guarantee, so that number will likely go up significantly.  For comparison, 14% of freshman graduate from CSUN in 4 years, and the average for the UC’s is 50%.  What we find is that delays in graduation are usually an active decision on the part of the student, and not caused by the lack of availability of classes.  Students will decide to change their major, or add a minor, or study abroad, and sometimes those decisions can impact whether they finish in 4.

What is the retention rate from Freshman to Sophomore?

The retention rate from the first to second year was 85% in 2011, which is our most current statistic.

How is CLU ranked nationally?

According to the US News and World Report, CLU is ranked 14th in the West.

How are the sports teams?

CLU teams have won 71 SCIAC championships since joining the league in 1991.

Is Thousand Oaks safe?

According to FBI statistics, Thousand Oaks is rated one of the safest cities of its size in America.

Is the faculty really any good?

86% of CLU's faculty have doctorate or terminal degrees in their field.