Rainer Diriwächter, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology

Email: rdiriwae@callutheran.edu
Office: Swenson 207
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Dr. Rainer Diriwächter is a native of Switzerland and has a strong background in the history of German psychology. He has published several articles and book chapters that highlight the contributions of “Ganzheitspsychologie” - the German holistic approach to psychology.

Book publications include the international volume "Striving for the Whole: Creating Theoretical Syntheses” (2008, Transaction Publishers) and “Innovating Genesis: Microgenesis and the Constructive Mind in Action” (2008, Information Age Publishing).

Dr. Diriwächter is also the editor of the Journal of Integrated Social Sciences (JISS.org) and currently serves as editorial board member for the following peer-reviewed journals: Culture & Psychology, Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science (IPBS), and the Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology (JSEC).

At CLU, he is the faculty advisor to Psi Chi (the international honor society in psychology) and the Interdisciplinary Research Council (IRC).



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Book Chapters & Journal Articles:

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  • Ganzheitspsychologie (German Holistic Psychology)
  • History of German Psychology
  • Emotional Experience
  • Cultural Psychology
  • Microgenesis
  • Ph.D. in Psychology from Clark University - Worcester
  • M.A. in Psychology from Clark University - Worcester
  • B.A. (Summa Cum Laude) in Psychology from WVU - Morgantown