CLU is required to fully abide by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, known as FERPA.

This federal law establishes that:

  1. Students have the right to inspect their education records with the exception of a specific set of confidential documents;
  2. The University has a responsibility not to disclose information from a student's record without the written consent of the student, except to other school officials with a legitimate educational need to know and to parents of an eligible student who claim the student as a dependent for tax purposes. Only directory information which is already public knowledge may be freely disclosed.

CLU will notify parents if...

  • There has been a change in a student's academic standing — specifically if the student is placed on probation or suspension or has been removed from those statuses.
  • There is a situation that threatens the safety and security of the student.

In all other instances we expect the student to inform parents directly. If you have questions about your son's or daughter's educational record or experiences in the residence halls, you may phone the appropriate office and we will determine what information we can release and/or attempt to help you get the information you need. As a general rule, when you have a question, call. We may be able to release the information.

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