Center for Teaching and Learning

Past Lunch Series Sessions
(Spring 2002 - Fall 2013)

FALL 2013


“Meet the New Instructional Designers--Your Expert Teaching/Technology Support Team”  (CTL Lab SBET #136)

September 5

Cia De Martino (CTL Director), Minyan He and Pratima Dulta (CTL Instructional Designers)

"Teaching Excellence Award Series: Michaela Reaves" " (SBET Conference Room)

September 12

Michaela Reaves (History)

"Teaching Excellence Award Series: Marylie Gerson"     (SBET Conference Room)

September 19

Marylie Gerson (Psychology)

"Tools for Online and Hybrid Classses: Panoptos and Collaborate"

Use Panoptos to ceate streaming video of prerecorded lectures and student presentations; Use collaborate to create a virtual classoom, virtual office hours and advising, and as a forum for guest speakers via the web.

September 26

CTL Team

Using aWiki as a Collaborative Class Project".

October 3

Michael Gagliardo (Math)

"Why Teaching Science Ø = Scientific Teaching."

October 10

Chad Barber, Kris Karsten, David Marcey and Theresa Rodgerswill (Biology)
"Student Internships: the Procedures, the Potentials, and the Perks”

October 17

Cindy Lewis, Career Center Director

"Horrible Histories: Incorporating Humor and Pop Culture in Teaching and Learning."

October 24

David Nelson (History)
"Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Variables and Suggested Responses".

October 31

Alan Goodwin and Wendy Jimenez (CAAR)

"Teaching Excellence Award Series: Mike McCambridg"     (SBET Conference Room)

November 7

Mike McCambridge (Education)

"Making Effective Use of CLU's new BrightLink Projectors

November 14

Julius Bianchi (ISS)

"Focusing on the 'Applied' in Applications of Statistics: A New Lab Format for PSY 216."

November 21

Andrea Sell (Psychology)
PART I Creating Video Content with Mobile Devices: Tips and Tricks (SBET Conference Room, #127) December 5 Dan Restuccio (Multimedia)
Open Discussion on Identifying and Prioritizing Teaching and Learning Issues at CLU (SBET Conference Room) December 12 Session Participants


"Faculty Learning Communities: Introduction, Invitation, Information" Rodney Reynolds and Kirk Lesh Thursday, January 31
SBET 127

"Advising I: Integrating Study Abroad Planning into the Academic Advising Session"
see updated Study Abroad web site:

Lisa Loberg (Director; Study Abroad Program)

Thursday, February 7
SBET 127

"Tech Upgrades for CLU Classrooms: Proposals and Discussion"

Glen Rewal (Director of Instructional Technology)

Thursday, February 14
SBET 127

"Advising II: Math Placement and Requirement Guidelines" Christopher Brown (Math)

Thursday, February 21
SBET 127

"Toward a Standardized Strategy for Raising Student Eval Response Percentages"


Karissa Oien and Melinda Wright

Thursday, February 28
SBET 127


"Incorporating Video into PowerPoint and Keynote Projects"

David Grannis (Communication)

Thursday, March 7

"Marketing Our Majors: Showcasing Student Work and Alumni Success Stories"


Erik Hagen (Creative Media Center)

Thursday, March 14

"Reports: Lilly Conference and TLC Learning Communities" Harry Starn, Rodney Reynolds

Thursday, March 21

Spring Break

March 23 - April 1


"Cracking the Codes: What are CAAR, STAR, ARP, CLEP, LPE, & ADN?"

Erashel Vaiz, Director of CAAR;
Tara Payne, Academic Counselor;
Niusha Farzadfar, Academic Counselor;
Wendy Perkins,
Accessibility Resource Coordinator

Thursday, April 4

"Are All Mobile Devices Equal in Teaching and Learning?"

"Just when you thought you had the latest and greatest mobile device, they come out with the next generation. This session will provide strategies on how to manage and maintain outdated, current, and emerging technologies for teaching and learning, including the implementation of BYOD. We will also highlight the educational impact and features of the top-ten mobile devices and showcase cutting-edge mobile apps, including an interactive audience phone polling of mobile accessories and new apps as either effective teaching and learning tools or just gadgets." (Robbie Kendall-Melton)

Robbie Kendall-Melton

Robbie's App Site:

Thursday, April 11

"A Crash Course in Career Counselling for CLU Advisors and Mentors"

Let us help you incorporate career development issues into your advising sessions. In addition to getting tip sheets for many career-related decisions your students face, you'll learn about new opportunities, online career resources, and, how social media is impacting the field. Don’t miss this session!

Tiffany Madden (Career Services) Thursday, April 18
"The Registrar's Advising Support Team: How This Counseling System Works and How It Works for You"

Lorraine Purmort, Holly Mulligan,
Christy Sutphen, Robyn Ballard, Shannon McCabe, and Betty Letiero

Thursday, April 25

"TLC Learning Communities: Plan for Data Gathering" Harry Starm and Rodney Reynolds Thursday, May 2
"Integrating Online Instruction into the CLU Undergraduate Experience: A Discussion" Ken Gardner (Theater Arts) and David Nelson (History) Thursday, May 9

Fall 2012


"CLU Graduate Student Writing Support: New Opportunities"

Erica Cirillo-McCarthy (Writing Center Graduate Program Director)

September 6

"Publishing with iBooks Author" Amir Malik (ISS)

September 13

"Tips for Teaching International Students"


Harry Starn (Marketing), Linda Boberg and Juanita Hall (Multicultural Programs and Student International Services)

September 20

"Creating Interactive Lectures with the Versatile i>clicker" David Nelson (History)

September 27

"Instructor-friendly Blackboard Functions for Testing and Grading"

Louise Kelly (Exercise Science) and Ryan Medders (Communication)

October 4

"Blackboard: FAQs and Answers and New Q and As" Julius Bianchi (ISS)

October 11

"Enhancing Information Literacy with Literati"

Henri Mondschein (ISS)

October 18

"Active Learning in the Classroom”

Michael Gagliardo (Math)

October 25

"Library Magic and Wizardly Widgets!"

LibAnswers and LibChat: An all-in-one virtual research assistant for reference chat, knowledge base search, and Q & A.. It's magical! 

Jayati Chaudhuri and Jennifer Petersen (ISS/Pearson Library)

November 1

"Facebook in the Composition Classsroom" Brian Young (English)

November 8

"CLU Technology Survey: Results and Discussion" Dan Hamilton (Economics)

November 15

THANKSGIVING   November 22
"Teaching Online Material: The Scale of the Universe" Michael Shaw

November 29

"Responding to Negative Student Evaluations" Marja Mogk December 6
"Experiential Learning: From Classroom to City" Bryan Rasmussen (English) December 13

Spring 2012


"Ipad Projects in CLU Courses and Programs"

Click to see how Religion instructor Colleen Windham-Hughes Ph.D. uses iPads in the classroom.

Faculty Panel: Michael Arndt, Michael Brint, Guy Erwin, Rahuldeep Gill, Dan Restuccio, Colleen Windham-Hughes Thursday, January 19
SBET 127

"Online Discussion with Lilly Conference Directors on Teaching and Learning"

"For over thirty years, teacher-scholars from across the U.S. and internationally have gathered [at the Lilly conferences] to share insights and recommendations . . . each conference provid[ing] a balance of scholarly research, practical guidance, [and] collegial support." This CLU CTL session offers insight into how "the Lilly directors . . . provide a context [for discussions about] the most pressing teaching/learning questions and challenges of the day."

Lilly Directors' Roundtable: Milt Cox, Ray Purdom, Laurie Richlin, Todd Zakrajsek Thursday, January 26
SBET 127
“Ready or Not: E-Texts Are Here”

See L.A. Times article on new publisher/Apple Ipad agreements:
Paul Witman (School of Management) Thursday, February 2,
SBET 127

"Interpreting Trends in CLU Course Evaluations"

Joan Griffin (Dean, College of Arts and Sciences), Melinda Wright (Data Analyst, Office of Educational Effectiveness and Institutional Research), Karissa Oien (Academic Affairs Specialist), Jamshid Damooei (School of Management) Thursday, February 9,
SBET 127

"Any Textbook. Any Content. Any Device." Demonstration and Discussion 

:The cost of textbooks has risen twice as fast as other costs in higher education. Research indicates that more than one-third of all students go without one or more textbooks each year, driving students, parents, faculty, and school leaders to actively look for ways to cut textbooks costs. Courseload offers an electronic version of any textbook on any web-enabled device for one-third to one-half of the price of a traditional printed textbook." (Courseload )

 Alix Grimm (Courseload Rep) Thursday, February 16,
SBET 127
"Reaching and Teaching CLU's Diverse Student Writers"
Reaching and Teaching
Research Paper Heuristic
Journal Response Prompt
Research Paper Peer Response
Amber Engelsen (English, Writing Center Director) Thursday, February 23,
SBET 127
“Understanding Academic Entitlement” Seth Wagerman (Psychology) Thursday, March 1,
SBET 127

"Direct and Indirect Costs of a Liberal Arts Education"
Hidden Costs of Low Four-Year Graduation Rates
Evaluating the Efficiency of Top Liberal Arts Colleges
Institution Performance in Higher Education

Paul Williams (School of Management) Thursday, March 8,
SBET 127
Viideo, “The Ten Commandments of Communicating with Persons with Disabilities,”  and a presentation by Wendy Perkins on student-specific issues, including emotional and mental disabilities. We'll meet in Lundring from noon until 1:15. Lunch will be served. Campus Diversity Initiative (Juanita Hall) Thursday, March 15,
"Using IPads in Travel Courses: CLU's Oxford Program"

Michael Brint (Uyeno-Tseng Professor of International Studies)

Thursday, March 22,
SBET 127

"Teaching for Brain-Based Learning" Session I

Please note room change!

Karri Fogel (Math Department Chair), Carla Walter (School of Management), Rahuldeep Gill (Religion), Diane Rodriquez (Graduate School of Education), Harry Starm (Associate Director of California Institute of Finance); Rodney Reynolds (Director of Educational Effectiveness and Institutional Research) Thursday, March 29
HUM 119

"Teaching for Brain-Based Learning" Session II

Metacognition Handout ". . . instruction in metacognitive skills may be particularly important for first-year students as they adjust to the expectations of college-level work and learn to evaluate and monitor their own understanding relative to those expectations."

Please note room change!

Karri Fogel (Math Department Chair), Carla Walter (School of Management), Rahuldeep Gill (Religion), Diane Rodriquez (Graduate School of Education), Harry Starm (Associate Director of California Institute of Finance); Rodney Reynolds (Director of Educational Effectiveness and Institutional Research) Thursday,
April 12
HUM 119

"Navigating  24/7 Online Software Training"

Learn software from Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Blackboard and more.
Classes for beginners to experts.
Learn at your own pace: Play, pause, rewind.
Watch one tutorial at a time, or a whole course.

Eileen Leese (Assistant Director, CTL) Thursday,
April 19
SBET 127

"Experiential Education:  Understanding the Nuts, Bolts, and Rigors of Service-Learning"

Meet in SBET Conference Room #127

Helen Lim (Service Learning Center Director) Thursday,
April 26
SBET 127
"Kindles Every Which Way" Panel Thursday,
May 3
SBET 127

Fall 2011

“A Multi-Perspective Look at Core 21’s Integrative Capstone Requirement.”  Meet in SBET 127.


Panel includes Michele LeBlanc (OUR), Lisa Loberg (Study Abroad) and Joan Griffin (Dean, College of Arts and Sciences)


"A Conversation Concerning CLU Adjuncts"  Meet in the SBET television studio.

Leanne Neilson (Provost)

September 8

"Lutheran Higher Education: Definitions, Potentials, and Visions" Meet in the SBET Conference Room.

Arne Bergland (Director of Church Relations)

September 15

"What the Writing Center Can Do For You!"  Meet in the SBET Conference Room.

Amber Engelson (Writing Center Director)

September 22

"Cinematic Lectures Transform the Classroom Experience: A Pedagogical Experiment in Screencasting / Inquiry-Based Learning"  Meet in the SBET Conference Room.

David Marcey (Biology)

September 29

"Follett CafeScribe's E-Textbook System: Blackboard Compatibility"   Meet in the SBET Conference Room.

Jen Minarik (Follett CafeScribe representative)

October 6

"Crafting a Successful Grant Proposal"

Grady Hanrahan

October 13

"Disability Awareness Issues in Teaching and Learning" Wendy Perkins (CAAR) and Guest Speaker

October 20

"Streamlining Library Research" (You'll Love This!!)

Lala Badal

October 27

"Incorporating Experiential Learning into CLU Courses"

Faculty Panel


“Teaching a Hybrid Class – What’s in it for ME?”

Harry Starn (Executive Director of California Institute of  Finance)

November 10

"Advising Transfer Students: Some Helpful Guidelines"

Maria Kohnke (Registrar) and Angela Naginey (CAAR)

November 17

"Student Life As Co-curriculum" Kristin Price and Aristotle Mosier (Student Life) December 1

"CLU's Center for Scientific Computation PLUS a Look at the New 3-D Printer"


Craig Reinhart (Co-director of the Center for Scientific Computation) December 8

Spring 2011

“Spring Semester at the Writing Center: Policies, Procedures, Resources, Workshops and More”--plus discussion and Q&A. Amy Wayne (student director of the Writing Center) and Ursula Rush (who oversees the Writing Center services for CLU graduate students) Thursday, January 20
SBET 127

“Blackboard Timesavers: Fast Facts sand Quick Tricks ” plus a Q&A


Faculty panel led by Eileen Leese (Assistant CTL Director)

Thursday, January 27
SBET 127

“Travelling Technologies: Using E-Devices in CLU’s Oxford Study Abroad Program,”


Michael Brint and students from the Oxford Study Abroad Program

Thursday, February 3
SBET 127

"Updates on Faculty Grants" Marsha Anderson (Director of Sponsored Research)

Thursday, February 10
SBET 127

 "Posting Course Work on CLU TV I"

 David Grannis (ISS)

Thursday, February 17

   "Posting Course Work on CLU TV II"

 David Grannis (ISS)

Thursday, February 24

"An Institutional Repository Developed by UC Berkeley"

Annie Teng (Digital Commons)

Thursday, March 3

"Exploring the Attitudes of Ethnic Minorities in Educational Processes"

Carla Walter (School of Business)


Thursday, March 10

Spring Break Spring Break


"Teaching for Meaning: How Does
Vocation Come into the Classroom?"

Darrell Jodock (Visiting Colleague from Gustavus Adolphus)

Thursday, March 24

"Interrelating Studies Abroad with CLU Curriculum: Core and Major Requirements"

Lisa Loberg (Director; Study Abroad Program)

Thursday, March 31

“Beyond the Numbers: What Does College Readiness Look Like in 2012?” Relevant articles:
Breaking the Cycle; EducationConservancyExecutiveSummary-CollegeAdmissionsProject;

Matthew Ward (VP of Enrollment Management and Marketing)

Thursday, April 7

"Coordinating ADEP and CLU's Traditional Programs: A Discussion on Policies and Procedures"

Gina La Monica (Director:Adult Degree Evening Program and Off Site Locations)

Thursday, April 14

"Creating and Maintaining Faculty Websites: WordPress and Open Scholar" Erik Hagen (Creative Media Center) Thursday, April 21
Festival of Scholars
  Thursday, April 28
Turning Technologies Kris Nickell (Account Executive Higher Education) Thursday, May 5

Fall 2010


"How to Get Your Students Involved in the CLU Garden"

Sam Thomas (Religion), Kayla Kilpatrick (student)

September 2

"Blackboard Review Plus a Blackboard Q and A Session"

Eileen Lesse, Julius Bianchi (ISS)

September 9

"Preparing Students for Undergraduate Research Presentation Deadlines"

Michele LeBlanc

September 16

"Balancing Teaching, Scholarship and Professional Activities"
See Kerry Ann Rockquemore's column in Inside Higher Education:
Faculty input: teaching-research

Adina Nack (Sociology),
Leanne Neilson (Provost)

September 23

"What's Up with CLUTube"?

David Grannis (ISS) and
Erik Hagen (Creative Media)

September 30

“What’s New at the IRB?"
Meet in SBET First Floor Conference Room

Steve Hawkins (EXSC)

October 7

"Helping Your Advisees Understand Their Math Requirements: Ways, Means, and Questions" Chris Brown (Math)

October 14

"New Possibilities for Teaching and Learning: Hot Seat and Others" Julius Bianchi (ISS)

October 21

"Graphics-Based Power Point Presentations: Part II"
SBET 127 Conference Room

Beverly Kelley (Communication)

October 28

"Disability Awareness Issues in Teaching and Learning"
This lunch session will meet in Swenson 209

Wendy Perkins (CAAR) and Guest Speaker

November 4

"Structuring Capstone Projects across the Disciplines"

Panel: Joan Griffin (A&S Dean), David Marcey (Biology) and Lisa Loberg (Study Abroad)

November 11

"How ConnectYard Integrates Web 2.0 Applications (and More) with Blackboard"

Sophie Alstrom (ConnectYard rep)

November 18

"Presentation, Discussion, Q & A: The Interrelations of Student Health and Teaching and Learning at the University" Kerri Lauchner (Director: CLU Health Services) December 2
"A Virtual World of Teaching and Leaning": Adobe Connect Webinar Software (Stand Alone or Integrate with Blackboard)" Zareh Marselian (ISS) December 9

Spring 2010

"An Overview PLUS Questions and Answers about Blackboard" Eileen Leese (ISS)

January 21

"Molecules Gone Wild: Computer Visualization in the Classroom" David Marcey (Biology)

January 28

“Finding Funding for Your Dream Project”

Marsha Anderson (Director of Sponsored Research),
Della Greenlee (Director of Foundation Relations and Scholarship Development)
February 4
"Integrating Blackboard with Facebook, Iphone, Itouch, and Bing" Julius Bianchi (Associate Provost ISS) February 11
"CLU's Oxford Study Abroad Program: Observations on Student Learning" Michael Brint ( Political Science) February 18
"Integrating Holistic Teaching and Learning at CLU" Faculty Panel led by Sig Schwarz (English) February 25
“Strategies for Responding to Differences among Learners” (an interactive teleconference session.) Participants in (and those who aren’t able to attend) can preview the session material at http:// <>. Steve Ehrmann, founder and director of the Washington D.C. based Teaching, Learning, and Technology group March 4
"Creating Optimal Learning Environments for Diverse Learners."  Mariana Robles-Delany (School of Education) March 11

"Initiatives and Future Directions for Mobile Teaching and Learning at CLU"

Some view the mobile phone in the classroom as a distraction. Others see the tools and think student engagement. A CLU team recently attended the virtual Educause Learning Initiative Spring Focus Session on "Mobile Learning 2.0: The Next Phase of Innovation in Mobility."

Join a lively discussion with your CLU colleagues on the uses and abuses of mobile technology in and out of the classroom.

Panel of ELI Focus Session Participants: Lisa Buono, Yen Tran, Amir Malik, Erik Hagen, Zareh Marselian, and Julius Bianchi. March 18
“Recommendations for Improving CLU’s Forbes and U.S. News and World Report Rankings” Ali Akbari (Business) March 25
"Educating Global Leaders: Thinking Holistically about Study Abroad and CLU’s Language and Global Perspectives Requirements” Lisa Loberg (French, Study Abroad) April 8

“Classroom Learning and Community Service: Finding the Connections.”

Sine Odegard (Senior Coordinator for Community Service) and Kristin Price (assistant Director: Student Life) April 15

“Perspectives on Teaching and Learning at CLU.”


Student Panel led by Allison Wachtel, a senior English major April 22

“Creating and Using Podcasting in Courses and Programs "

Apple representatives Steve Cook and Tim Parker April 29
"Planning and Implementing Course Field Trips" CLU faculty panel May 6

FALL 2009


"Innovative Uses of Clickers in CLU Classrooms" (SBET #136)

Robert Rumer (Physics)

September 3

"Social Networking as Pedagogy" (SBET Conference Room)

Jose Marchial (Sociology)

September 10

"CTL Update: Focus on Expanded Services" (SBET #136) Eileen Leese (ISS)

September 17

"Moving Your Course Content from WebCT and ERES to Blackboard" (SBET Conference Room) Julius Bianchi, Associate Provost (ISS), will use course files from CLU professors (articles, syllabi, and other files) to demonstrate how to transfer content from ERES and/or WebCT to Blackboard. The session, “Moving Your Course Content from ERES and WebCt to Blackboard,“will be held from 12 to 12:50 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 24, in the downstairs SBET conference room.

Julius Bianchi (ISS)

September 24

"Foundations of Excellence (FOE): Implications for Teaching and Learning at CLU" (SBET Conference Room)


Dean Joan Griffin and FOE leadership team

October 1

"Sustainability and Pedagogy at CLU" (SBET Conference Room)

Sam Thomas (Religion)

October 8

"How to Use the Gradebook Features in Blackboard" (SBET Conference Room) Bill Bilodeau (Geology)

October 15

"Updates from the Study Abroad Office" (SBET Conference Room) Lisa Loberg (Study Abroad)

October 22

"New Resources from the Pearson Library Video and Image Collections" (SBET Conference Room)

Lala Badal (ISS)

October 29

"Nuts and Bolts of Accommodations for Students with Disabilities"  Disability Awareness Week (DAW): practical ways to incorporate accommodations in our classrooms for  students with different disabilities (SBET Conference Room)

Wendy Perkins and Lisa Buono (CAAR)

November 5

"Integrating Foreign Languages into Your Course Content: Benefits and How Tos" (SBET Conference Room)

Guy Erwin (Religion)

November 12

Upfront Assessment: Evaluating Early and Often (SBET Conference Room)

Halyna Kornuta and a Faculty Panel; Marja Mogk, Allison Wee, and Paul Witman

November 19

A conversation about “Meeting the Needs of Adjunct Faculty at CLU” Leanne Neilson, Provost December 3
Open Discussion on Identifying and Prioritizing Teaching and Learning Issues at CLU (SBET Conference Room)   December 10


"New Library Resources" and a Q and A/Discussion on "Acquiring New Print Resources" Lala Badal
Assistant Director: Information Resources

January 29

"What the Center for Teaching and Learning and Media Services Can (and Will) Do for You"
Media Services Brochure

Electronic Classroom Instructions

Electronic Classroom Instructions (for Humanities 107, 109-114; Peters 101 & 106; GSFC 253 & 254)

KADYTV.COM (Click to see and contribute to CLU's presence on the KADY TV station)

David Grannis, ISS

Click on the 3 entries to your left to download detailed information and instructions relative using technologies in CLU classrooms.

February 5

"What about the Core?: A Dialogue Focused on CLU's Undergraduate Curriculum"

The posting below looks at an interesting new project on the design and practice of general education.  It is by Carol Geary Schneider, president of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, [AC&U] in an article that appeared in Liberal Education, Vol. 94, No. 3 Summer, 2008 [] ©2009, AAC&U. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.

Jose Marichal (Political Science) February 12

“The Advantages of Graphics-Based Power Point Presentations."  Evaluation data shows that students often complain about boring, bulleted power point presentations—just one of the reasons why educators and their students have been shifting to graphics-driven PowerPoint presentation models.

Beverly Kelley (Communication) February 19

"Performance-based Presentation and Communication Skills: An Interactive Training Workshop"
The facilitator will conduct a fast-paced and interactive session within the following modules: First Impressions; Overcoming Stage Fright; Portraying a Confident Presence; and The Power of Intention.

Brian McNeany, Director: Southwest Region Pinnacle Performance, Inc. February 26
"Thinking Practically about CLU's Eight 'New' Student Learning Outcomes" Discussion led by Leanne Neilson (Provost) March 5
"Multiple Perspectives on the Roles of Feedback in Teaching and Learning" Angela Naginey (Director of the CAAR Office) March 19

“Using Blog Tools to Build and Maintain Faculty Websites” ( a painless way to create your website--no HTML)

Paul Witman (School of Business) March 26
"Building and Maintaining a Department/Program Website to Service Prospective Students, Current Students, and Alumni" Erik Hagen and Art Miller: Center for Creative Media April 2

"The Four-Year Graduation Guarantee"

Maria Kohnke, Registrar April 9
"The Importance of Purposeful Advising" Kapp Johnson (School of Business/Department of Religion) April 16
"Portable and Compact Computing Devices: Demostration and Discussion" Zareh Marselian (Senior Director of IT) April 23

"Incorporating the 'New' Writing Center into Your 2009-2010 Academic Year " (Click to view PowerPoint for This Presentation)

Ursula Rush

April 30

“Course Management Systems: Trials, Tribulations, and Trends.”

Reports from this semester’s Moodle users, news about company mergers, comments about Eres, Q and A and discussion.

Julius Bianchi (ISS) May 7

FALL 2008

Professor Diriwächter (Psychology) introduces the newly founded, peer-reviewed “Journal of Integrated Social Sciences (JISS)”—a journal that promotes not only faculty research but also the quality work of graduate and undergraduate students. In particular, the journal aims to unite the various disciplines of the social sciences and is thus particularly interested in interdisciplinary and/or holistically oriented approaches. JISS, a journal of international scope registered with the Library of Congress, can already boast a diverse editorial board from around the world. It provides an excellent venue for our students to turn their best projects into publications.

Rainer Diriwächter (Psychology)

September 4
"How to Get Involved with Undergraduate Research at CLU ” Michele LeBlanc (Office for Undergraduate Research)

September 11

“Using the Web to Connect with Students and Colleagues" Faculty will learn about some of the new media initiatives at CLU, including podcasting, creating Facebook groups for classes, showcasing individual students and alumni, blogging about department news, and promoting upcoming events.

Eric Hagen and Art Miller (Creative Media Center)

September 18

“Millennials at CLU: Their Pedagogical Experiences, Preferences, and Pet Peeves.” The Millennial Generation, born between 1980 and 2000, is nearly as large as the Baby Boomer group. Although they’ve been called the Internet Generation, Generation Y, the Digital Generation, and other names, the term “Millennials” was the clear first choice when several thousand of them sent their name preferences to Peter Jennings at

Student Panel led by Kristin Price (Student Director of Student Life) will lead the discussion of a student panel on the topic September 25

“WebCT at CLU: Part I" presents some of the most successful uses of WebCT  by CLU faculty.

Faculty and Student Panel led by Julius Bianchi October 2

“WebCT: Part II: Questions and Answers about Specific Set Ups and Functions of WebCT”  

Faculty are invited to bring specific questions to the session: “How, exactly, do I upload a document?” “How do I set up the ‘student grades’ section?” and so forth.

Julius Bianchi October 9

"Jesus in the Classroom: When Non-evangelical Faculty and Evangelical Students Encounter Each Other," plus a brief discussion of the October 14th Online Seminar: 'New Techniques for Effective Classroom Management.'"

ALSO    A note regarding next Thursday’s CTL ("What Educators Should Know about India's Caste System," led by Somnath Basu (CLU School of Business). A conference that dovetails nicely with Professor Basu's presentation is convening this weekend, October 17-19, 2008 at Cal Poly Pomona. This international conference on “Nonviolence, Rediscovering Gandhian Wisdom: Building a Peaceful Future” will be held at Cal Poly’s Ahimsa Center. Its highlights include distinguished speakers such as Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson and biographer of the Mahatma; Samdhong Rinpoche, the prime minister of Tibetan government-in-exile and Gandhian scholar-monk; Bernard Lafayette Jr.­ who worked with Martin Luther King Jr. and led several campaigns during the Civil Rights Movement, and numerous internationally acclaimed experts on Gandhi and nonviolence such as Akeel Bilgrami, Anthony Parel, Lloyd and Susanne Rudolph, Anil Sadgopal, Michael Nagler and many outstanding scholars and professionals; sessions on relevance of Gandhian wisdom to education, business, and sustainability; workshops and seminars; a concert of devotional songs (bhajans) from Gandhi’s prayer meetings; and a Book Exhibit.

Marja Mogk (English) October 16

"What Educators Should Know about India's Caste System"

Somnath Basu (School of Business) October 23
"Turning Lectures into Mini-Mysteries" Jay Bland (English) October 30
This week, Disability Awareness Week, the CTL Teaching and Learning Series will offer a session on "Responses to Disabilities in the Context of Teaching and Learning." Angela Naginey and Wendy Perkins (CAAR Office) November 6
"Free Online Teaching Tools" Sue Bauer (ISS) November 13

"Promoting Active Learning: Tips and Techniques "

Michael McCambridge (School of Education) November 20
Thanksgiving Holiday   November 27
"Report on the Use of Clickers in CLU's Fall 2008 Classrooms" Faculty Demos December 4

"WebCT Alternatives Part II: Moodle "

Julius Bianchi (ISS)

December 11



"Preparing Your Students for Learning: Basic Meditation Exercises You Can Incorporate into Your Courses"

William Bersley

January 31

"How to Create and Maintain Your Department/Program Website without Pain: Installing and Using CONTRIBUTE on Your Own Computer"

Erik Hagen and
Art Miller

February 7

"Bringing Video Materials to Your Students Via CLU's TV Channel : A Fast, Easy-to-Use, and Impressive Teaching Tool"

David Grannis

February 14

"CLU’s Second Annual Festival of Scholars: Last Minute Details + Q & A ”

Mindy Puopolo

Februay 21
"Report on the Annual First Year Experience Conference: Implications for CLU" Panel: CLU Conference Attendees Februay 28
“Getting into Second Life—A Virtual World Experience” Sue Bauer March 6
"Report on the General Edcation AACU Conference: Integrative Designs for General Education and Assessment " Panel: CLU Conference Attendees March 13
Spring Break   March 20
"Identifying and Providing Early Intervention for At-Risk Students" Angela Naginey, Director of Retention March 27
"YouTube: What It Is, How It Works, and How We Might Use It to Enhance Teaching and Learning at CLU "

Erik Hagen, Center for Creative Media

April 3
"Advising Your Undergraduate Students about CLU's Graduate Programs" Leanne Neilson, Michelle Saucedo, and Tom Horner (Graduate Recruiting and Marketing) April 10

"Learning Spaces and Technology Workshop: Designing Effective Learning Spaces"

Panel: CLU Workshop Attendees April 17

"What Really Challenges and Engages Us?"

Student Panel April 24
"Two New CLU Online Initiatives: Moodle and Online Course Evaluations" Julius Bianchi May 1
"Service-learning Pedagogy: A Catalyst for Advancing Mission-focused Integrative Learning  and Global Citizenship." Silva Karayan May 8

Fall 2007


"Using Office 2007"

Julius Bianchi (ISS)

August 30

"Integrating PRS Systems into Your Courses"

Ryan Leclaire (Turning Technologies)

September 6

Maryanne Wolf’s book "Proust and the Squid" and its look at “neuroscience and the way intensive and frequent reading wires the brain for more complex thought . . . is very germane to the concerns and questions raised at the faculty retreat about the willingness and ability of our digitally primed students to engage and comprehend longer texts. . . .   and so raises the question of whether we are headed for devolution if reading continues to decline.”

Paul Hanson and David Marcey

September 13

New Learning Spaces at CLU and other projects

Ryan VanOmmerman

September 20

“Dates, Details and Deadlines: All You Need to Know about ‘At-large’ Student Research Projects”

In this week’s Teaching and Learning Series session, Mike Shaw (Physics) will tell us how to help our students prepare their research for presentations at SCCUR, CUR, CLU’s Second Annual Festival of Scholars, and other venues.

Mike Shaw

September 27

An informative “how to” session on “Faculty Led Travel Seminars and Other Study Abroad Opportunities for Students.”

Lisa Loberg and Stephanie Shaker
(Study Abroad Center)

October 4

“E-Advising: Where to Find It; How to Do It”

A lecture explaining the current procedures for e-advising at the university.

Maria Kohnke
(CLU’s Registrar and Associate Provost of Academic Services)

October 11

“How to Use Information Services in the Classroom: Discipline Specific Approaches”

Cindy’s recent reconfiguration of the Library website opens up some great new instruction possibilities for faculty. Information Sources by Subject

Cindy Snell
(Director of Library Operations and Systems.)

October 18

"CLU’s Second Annual Festival of Scholars.”

The Spring 2008 event will be significantly more comprehensive than last year’s festival. Getting an early overview of the plans and procedures for the Festival is likely to generate some good ideas about incorporating festival activities into your courses. Please join us and bring your comments and questions.

Mindy Puopolo

November 1

“EndNote Web: Four Easy Steps”

An overview of EndNote Web, the new Web-based tool designed to help you manage online research. As Henri and a few faculty demonstrate the basic functions of this exciting addition to Pearson Library’s resources, you’ll learn how to quickly format papers and reference sections in APA, ASA, MLA, Chicago and other styles (whether or not you show your students these tricks is up to you!).

Henri Mondschein  (ISS)

November 8

“CLU Core: The Conversation Continues.” 
We plan to look at and discuss the survey results Linda referred to at the last faculty meeting.

Linda Ritterbush

November 15

Rolf  Nygaard is the Regional representative for Blackboard (WebCT is now owned by Blackboard and the program’s official name is Campus Edition 4—CE4) . Rolf is giving us an overview of the program’s newest version--Campus Edition 6 (CE6)--of Blackboard, which he says will “solve all of Edition 4’s design inefficiencies.”  CLU expects to implement CE6 for Fall 2008.

Rolf  Nygaard

November 29

Open Discussion on Identifying and Prioritizing Teaching and Learning Issues at CLU   12/6

Spring 2007


"CLU's First Annual Festival of Scholars: Preparation and Planning"

Follow the above link to submit student abstracts for the Festival of Scholars

Mindy Puopolo


Jan 18

"Creating and Using Basics Modules in WebCT: Examples in History and English Courses at CLU "

Dave Grannis

ISS Director of Educational Technology

Jan 25

"Social Computing in Education: Possibilities and Implications"

Julius Bianchi

Associate Provost, ISS

Feb 1

"Preparing Students Who Want to Study Abroad for the February 28th Application Priority Deadline"

Lisa Bjelk
Director: Study Abroad Center

Feb 8

"Undergraduate Advising: Current Guideline, E-Advising, and Prospective Changes"

Maria Kohnke

Feb 15

"Creating and Using Your CLU Blog"

Dr. Dru Pagliassotti


Feb 22

"Audio Books and Pimsleur Language"

Julius Bianchi (Associate Provost: ISS)

Mar 1

“Curricular Collaboration at the Getty: Museum Partners with CLU Art History 410”


Christine Sellin


Mar 8

WASC Review Session to Prep for Next Week’s WASC Team Visit

Leanne Neilson
(Associate Provost: Graduate and Adult Programs)

Mar 15

Using the Registrar’s New E-Advising Program

Maria Kohnke


Mar 22

WebCT Show and Tell: New Ideas; New Data; New Icons

Julius Bianchi
(Associate Provost: ISS)

Mar 29

Spring Break


April 4

"Integrating Career Center Resources and Services into the Academic Curriculum"

Career Center

April 11

"Review of and Strategies for the Annual CLU Festival of Scholars"

Mindy Puopolo (Psychology) and faculty discussion

April 18


Fall 2006


“Everything You Want to Know about
the Microsoft Exchange Server and CLU's
Outlook/Entourage E-mail and Calendar

Julius Bianchi

Associate Provost, ISS

August 31

Dr. Kimball will lead a discussion on the
“Pew Internet and American Life Project”:

Click Here

Chris Kimball


Sept. 7

“Using Metacat to Manage Digital Content”

Dave Grannis

ISS Director of Educational Technology

Cindy Campbell

ISS Director of Library Operations Systems

Sept. 14

Student Research:  Summer 2006 student/faculty
Science Projects; and Preparing Your Students
for the Undergraduate Research Conferences
(Fall SCCUR Regional Conference;
CUR National Undergraduate Research Conference)

Michael Shaw


Tim Hengst

Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences

Thursday   Sept. 21

“Responding to Student Writing”

Jim Bond


Sept. 28

“Integrating International Experience
into the Curriculum: What Students Need to Know”

Lisa Bjelk,
Director of Study Abroad

Faculty Panel: Michael Brint, Harry Domicone, and Paul Hanson

October 5

“Opportunities for Faculty/Student International
Experience: What Faculty Need to Know”

Cindy Lewis,
Director of the Career Center
October 12

“The Public Eye: CLU Faculty Research in Print”

“CLU Faculty/Student Research Online:
What’s in Place and What’s to Come”

Madeleine Marshall,
Rainer Diriwaechter, Psychology


October 19

“Supplementing the Lecture:
Alternative Instructional Strategies”

Barry Burns (Multimedia)

Michaela Reaves (History)


October 26

"The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning:
A Multi-Disciplinary Review"

Presented at the Society for the Scholarship
of Teaching and Learning Conference
in Vancouver, BC October 2005

Paul Witman (Information Technology Management in the School of Business)

November 2

“Establishing Your CLU Website: Policies, Procedures, and Supports”

Eric Hagen and Art Miller (Creative Media Center)

November 9

“Little Known but Useful Facts aboutCLU’s Center for Teaching andLearning (CTL) Website”

Joan Wines (English)

November 16

“Problem-Based vs. Project-Based Learning”

Jim Hand (ESSM)

November 30

Spring 2006


"Course 'Evaluations': A Strategic Approach"

Halyna Kornuta, Ed.D., Director of Assessment and Educational Effectiveness

Jan 26

"A Discussion with Howie Wennes"

Click Here for Audio
of this Session

Howie Wennes,
Interim President of the University

Feb 2

"Community Leaders Association, Plans and Proceedures"

Linda Heidtke, Laura Newman and Gary Trow Feb 9

"The Brand Rollout Plan: Implications for Teaching and Learning at CLU"

Leanne Neilson Feb 16

"Integrating Career Concerns into Teaching and Learning.

Cindy Lewis (Director of Career Services) Feb 23
Global Studies at CLU Michael Brint March 2
“Navagating the New CLU Website ” Justin Barkoff March 9
Achieving Excellence in Teaching and Learning Henri Mondshein and Halyna Kornuta March 16
"Integrating CLU's Academic Support Services into Your Teaching Strategies."

Damien Pena, Director of CLU's TRIO and Academic Support Programs March 30
"Promises Made, Promises Kept: Mission and Committment in the CLU Classroom" Julia Sieger, Assistant Dean: School of Education April 6
"Developing Global Leaders, Exploring Service-Learning, and CLU's Community Compact" Christine Pye and Campus Pastor Melissa Maxwell-Doherty April 13
"Academics and Dorm Life: Issues for Students in the Mix" Angela Naginey, Director of Residence Life April 20
"Using the New WebCT Setup to Streamline the Management of Your Courses" Julius Bianchi, Associate Provost (ISS) April 27

E-Advising, the soon-to-be- tool that promises to make the advising process more efficient

CLU Registrar Maria Kohnke May 4

Fall 2005


“Challenge and Engagement in the Writing Center”

Marja Mogk,
Acting Director
of the Writing Center


“Open Discussion Forum”

Joe Everson,
Interim Provost of the University

“Promoting Excellence in the University” Tim Hengst,
Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences
“Fall 2005: Master Plan Update” Ryan Van Ommeren, Director of Facilities, Operations, and Planning 9/22
“Linking Global Studies to Faculty Research” Nandra Perry,
Director of Gender and Ethnic Studies
“Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research (SCCUR) from a Student's Perscpective” Josh Carr,
“Athletics and the Academy
at CLU I”
Dan Koontz,
Director of Athletics
“Learning on the Hoof: Reflections on Travel Study I ” Guy Erwin,
Religion Professor
“Emergency Preparedness at CLU: A Guide for Faculty and Students I ” Clay Peterson,
Director of Campus Safety and Security

"Athletics and Academics at CLU: Implications for Teaching and Learning II "

Dan Kuntz and
Paul Hanson, History Professor
"Learning on the Hoof: Reflections on Travel Study II " Guy Erwin, Professor of Religion 11/17
“Brainstorming the ISS Web Site and Library Catalog” Cindy Cambell,

"The California Lutheran University Emergency Plan II"

Clay Peterson, Director of Campus Safety and Security 12/1

Spring 2005


“Using the New Integrated Library System”

Julius Bianchi ISS
Associate Provost


Navigating the Revised Eres Setup

Julius Bianchi ISS
Associate Provost

After the North Campus: What Should Be Next?

Joe Everson

Interim Provost

The Realities of Advising at CLU and How They Relate to Teaching and Learning Maria Kohnke
“Getting Paid for Incorporating Service Learning into your Classes: An Information Session on the Thrivent Community Compact Grant.”
Jose Marichal
Political Science
Institutional Racism: On our Campus? Michael Brint
Dean of the College of
Arts and Sciences

The Culturally Proficient Professor

Randall Lindsey, Director of the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree program 3/10
International Opportunities for Teaching and Learning

Harry Domicone

Step Out Procedures for Setting Up Class Teleconferences with Colleagues in other Universities David Grannis ISS
Director of Instructional Technology
Teaching the Net Generation

Mike MacCambridge

School of Education
Preparing CLU Students for the Fall 2005 SCCUR (Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research)

Cindy Wyels


Fall 2004 Thursdays


Is Lutheran Identity Compatible with Diversity?  

Michael Brint
Dean of the College of
Arts and Sciences


Reflections on Teaching Outside of the Box

Sig Schwarz, English

My CLU Portal: Dynamics and Directions Julius Bianchi,
Associate Provost ISS
Assessing the Library/IT Roles in Teaching, Learning, and Research at CLU Julius Bianchi,
Associate Provost ISS
Teaching to Diversity Guy Erwin, Religion 9/30
“What’s New at the Writing Center for the 2004-05 Academic Year” Joan Wines, English 10/7

“Designing for Diversity: Tips for Creating and Revising Courses to Meet the U.S. Diversity Requirement.”

Nandra Perry, English 10/14
“CLU Faculty Class Visit Program” Encouraging Discussions about Pedagogy Joe Everson
Interim Provost
“Getting Students to Read Before They Come to Class: A New Concept”

Cyndi Wyels, Math

“Thinking Creatively about Your Professional Development Funding” Della Greenlee, Director of Foundation Relations and Scholarship Development 11/4

“Tying up the Loose Ends of the Intensive Requirements Revision Process (Writing & Speaking Intensive, Global Perspectives, U.S. Diversity)”

Charles Hall, Sociology 11/11

“The Challenges and Rewards of Collaborative Multimedia Projects”

David Marcey, Biology


“Faculty and Student Research: The Facts and the Fictions”

Susan Liberthal 12/2

Spring 2004 Mondays


Margins and other Terrible Things in MS Word

Sue Bauer, ISS
Computer Training Coordinator


100s of Internships Sent to CLU Weekly: Get Your Faculty Access Code and See ‘em All

Cindy Lewis
Director of the Career Center

Using the TV Studio and Distance Learning Resources for Your Courses David Grannis, ISS
Director of
Instructional Technology
CLU’s Databases: New and Used Ellen Andes, ISS
Informational Specialist,
Electronic Collections, Manager of Access Services and Reference
Voice Overs, Sound Effects, and Photo Albums in PowerPoint Sue Bauer, ISS
Computer Training Coordinator

Incorporating Audio and Video into PowerPoint Presentations

David Grannis, ISS
Director of
Instructional Technology
Mac in a Windows World

Aaron Kaye ISS
Network Technician Coordinator

Faculty and Library Collaboration: Meeting Everyone’s Needs Pat Hilker, ISS
Information Specialist,
Collection Development
Getting Students Hooked on Research Ellen Andes, ISS
Informational Specialist,
Electronic Collections, Manager of Access Services and Reference
Flexible Classrooms: Wireless and Beyond Zari Marselian, ISS
Director of Technical Services
CLU’s Portal Beta Site Julius Bianchi ISS 5/8

Spring 2004 Thursdays


What Our Library Data Tells Us about the Realities of CLU Student Challenge and Engagement

Julius Bianchi ISS
Associate Provost
Information Services


Education’s Two Economies

Michael Brint
Dean of the College of
Arts and Sciences

Building Student Research Skills
from the Ground Up
David Marcey
Fletcher Jones Chair
of Developmental Biology
Education Among the Ruins: Teaching Truth and Goodness in an Age of Relativism

Nathan Tierney
Professor of Philosophy

Globalization--What’s in It for Us?

Herb Gooch
Professor of Political Science
MPPA Program Director

Who Cares What You Steal?

Druann Pagliassotti
Communication Professor

Balloon Animals in My Classroom??? Dan Restuccio
Multimedia Professor
Mixed and Mis-Communications about the Writing Center and Student Writing Christine Pye
Director of the Writing Center
CLU’s Electronic Classrooms: Bring your Gripes (ISS Will Listen) Group Discussion led by a Panel of Gruntled* and Disgruntled Users 3/31
PowerPoint: Incorporating Audio and Video into PowerPoint Presentations David Grannis ISS
Director of Instructional Technology
English 111: What We Do and Why We Do It English Department Faculty Panel 4/22
MetaCat: The Ultimate Attention-Grabber David Grannis
Director of Instructional Technology ISS
The EduCue: Try It—You’ll Like It Nick Aranoff
Media Services

Fall 2003 Fridays


Incorporating Video into PowerPoint Presentations

David Grannis, ISS


Model Information Literacy Assignments from CLU Professors

Henri Mondschein, ISS

What the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Lab Can Do for You David Grannis, ISS
Joan Wines, CTL Director
Tech Tools and Methods for Identifying Plagiarized Work Julius Bianchi, Associate Provost ISS
Sharon Docter, Communication
Improve Student Learning with the EduCue Nick Aronoff, Media Services
Michaela Reaves, History
Simplify Your Life with a Customized Grading Template: Get Your Own (Free) Disk! Sue Bauer, ISS 10/24
The Ebook as a Backpack Alternative: Issues and Implications Ellen Andes, ISS 10/31
The Big, Fat Occasional Lecture Linda Ritterbush, Geology 11/7
PowerPoint Beyond the Bullets Sue Bauer, ISS 11/14
Getting Students to Read, Write, and Talk Faculty Panel 11/21
Creating a WebCT Course Julius Bianchi, Associate Provost ISS
Jamshid Damooei, Economics
Developing Course Materials in the TV Studio David Grannis, ISS 12/12

Fall 2003 Thursdays


Uses and Abuses of Faculty
Teaching Evaluations

Michael Brint
Dean of the College of
Arts and Sciences


What the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Lab Can Do for You

David Grannis, ISS
Joan Wines, CTL Director

Writing as an Essential Feature of the Class: Structure and Process Mike Doyle, Criminal Justice 10/2
In Defense of the Lecture Guy Erwin, Religion 10/9
CLU’s Databases: New and Used Ellen Andes, ISS 10/16
Diversity Issues in Teaching and Learning Ali Akbari, School of Business 10/23
What Makes an Extraordinary Teacher? Charles Hall, Sociology 10/30
Assignment Strategies to Promote
“More and Better” Student Reading
Faculty Panel: Nandra Perry, Paul Hanson, and David Marcey 11/6
Effective Uses of Video in the Classroom David Grannis, ISS
Beverly Kelley, Communication
The “Emotions” Factor
in Teaching and Learning
Catherine Ward
Director, Center for Academic Resources
Using the Distance Learning Lab David Grannis, ISS 12/4
Revitalize Teaching and Learning with
the  New Education Portals
Julius Bianchi,
Associate Provost ISS

Spring 2003 Thursdays


Considering the Seminar: Data and Directions

Michael Brint

Easy-to-Use Assessment Tools that will Improve Your Course Evaluations

Judith Crowe
School of Education

Digital Storytelling as a Teaching and Learning Tool Sue Bauer ISS
The EduCue: A Minimalist Tool
with Maximum Results
Nick Aranoff
Media Services
Using the Television Studio to Develop
Course Materials
David Grannis ISS 3/13
PowerPoint: Incorporating Audio and Video into PowerPoint Presentations David Grannis ISS 3/20
Judicious Discipline for Higher Education: Forrest Gathercoal
Lewis and Clark College
Reading Strategies that Work Jack Farrell
Reading Specialist
Assignment Strategies to Promote
“More and Better” Student Reading
Jerry Caplan
Incorporating Streaming Media into Teaching and Learning: Windows and MAC Platforms Dave Grannis ISS
Aaron Kay     ISS
How to Design an Information Literacy Assignment Henri Mondschein ISS 5/1
Upgrading Presentation Skills in the
Undergraduate Classroom
Michael Arndt

Spring 2003 Mondays


Easy-to-Use Assessment Tools that will Improve Your Course Evaluations

Judith Crowe
School of Education


Revitalize Teaching and Learning with the  New Education Portals Aaron Vorhis and John Engelstad
Computer Science
Digital Story Telling: Teaching with Narrative Sue Bauer ISS
Michaela Reaves History
Tech Tools and Methods for Identifying Plagiarized Work Julius Bianchi 3/10
Beyond Grades: Testing as a
Learning Tool

Millie Murray-Ward School of Education

The Whys and Wherefores of Incorporating Service Learning into Your Courses Silva Karayan
School of Education
Using Rubrics to
Clarify Learning Expectations
Leanne Neilson
Active Learning Carol Bartell
Dean of the School of Education
Alternative Evaluation Procedures Using IT ITAC Committee 4/21
Using Values Perspectives in Teaching Chuck Maxey
Dean of the School of Business
Developing Course Materials in the TV Studio David Grannis ISS 5/5

Fall 2002 Thursdays


“Using the New Distance Learning Facilities"

David Grannis


“Incorporating Student Research into Coursework”

Dennis Revie

“How to Redesign a Course with WebCT ” Julius Bianchi 10/17
“The Uses and Benefits of the Little Educue” Nick Aronoff/
Michaela Reaves
“Teaching the Seminar” Michael Brint 10/31
“Using the Television Studio to
Develop Course Materials
David Grannis 11/ 7
“Video Editing” Andrea Huvard 11/14
“Issues in Student Reading” Student/Professor Panel (Dr. Bruce Stevenson and others) 11/21
“Scanning and Organizing Slides and Other Images ” Panel 12/5
“PowerPoint: Incorporating Audio and Video” David Grannis/ Joan Wines 12/12

Spring 2002 Thursdays


Try WebCT—A Great Course Management Tool

Julius Bianchi


Distance Learning

Dave Grannis

Improve Your Evaluations: Flashlight As a Vehicle for Student/Instructor Communications Judith Crowe 2/20

EduCues: A Painless Road to a Possible 50% + Improvement in Student Learning

the Seminar
Michael Brint 3/6
Developing Course
Materials in the TV Studio
David Grannis 3/13
Reading Strategies Panel 3/20
Scanning and Organizing Slides and Other Images Panel 3/27
PowerPoint: Audio and Video Grannis & Wines 4/3



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