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Course Management

  • Course Copy - To transfer materials from one course to another, make sure you are listed as Instructor in both sections. Each class will need to be active in the Blackboard course view. If a class is not currently listed, use the Import/Export features.
  • Export/Save a Course - Use the export feature to save content from a course for use in future class semesters.

You should be exporting your course for every class you teach using Blackboard. We automatically remove and archive courses after 2 semesters.

  • Import a Course - Use the import feature to take content from a course previously saved in a ZIP file and upload into an active class.
  • Reorder your Blackboard Course List
  • Download Class Roster
  • Course Creation Schedule - Can't find your class in your my CLU course list? Check out the Course Creation Schedule to see if its been released yet. If it should have already been released, you might not be associated with it. Please contact your department head AND the registrar so they can get you into the system. After they do, your course will appear automatically in your myCLU course list.

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Interactive Tools

Import Camtasia Lectures

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