Graduate School of Education

Admissions FAQ

Why should I choose CLU?

  • NCATE accredited programs
  • Small classes
  • Individual attention
  • Convenient locations
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Highly qualified professors
  • Concurrent credential & Masters degree programs

What is the admissions process?

See Admissions Requirements

Is there financial aid available?

  • Financial aid is available for individual programs including: federal subsidized loans, Stafford loans, APLE (Assumption Program of Loans for Education) and graduate assistantships
  • To apply for financial aid you must complete:
    1. FAFSA form (
    2. Graduate Application for Financial Aid.
  • Please note that Financial Aid will not be processed until you are fully admitted into graduate or credential program

What does NCATE accreditation mean for my degree/credential?

  • Degrees and Credentials from institutions with NCATE accreditation are recognized as having met national criteria for quality programs. Degrees and Credentials are more easily transported to other states.