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Master of Arts in Educational Leadership

Program Overview

Schools today need 21st-century leaders who are knowledgeable, reflective, and have the ability to work with a diverse array of constituents. They need administrative leaders who can promote the success of their students and ensure a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment.

California Lutheran University offers the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership through an accelerated format incorporating on-campus and online course work in four 11-week terms. Program entry begins during the summer, with graduation in 12 months, just in time for the "hiring season."

Program Highlights

  • Designed for working professionals
  • Course work completed in 12 months
  • 60% in-class instruction and 40% online
  • Weekend format (two weekends per month, Friday evening and Saturday during the day)
  • Expert faculty of full-time professors and highly regarded practicing educational leaders

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Meeting Format

  • One year to complete program
  • Sixteen weekends in a calendar year
  • Friday evening 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
  • Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Cohort Classes

  • EDLD 502 Current Social, Cultural and Political Issues in Education
  • EDLD 504 Educational Leadership: School Law and Public Policy
  • EDLD 568 Educational Leadership: Organizational Leadership and Public Education
  • EDLD 570 Educational Leadership: Curriculum Leadership and Program Evaluation
  • EDLD 572 Educational Leadership: Managing Resources
  • EDLD 580 Educational Leadership: Organizational Transformation: Leading for Learning
  • EDLD 550 Educational Leadership: Focusing on Student Achievement
  • EDLD 510A Action Research for Practitioners - Advanced Studies
  • EDLD 591 Fieldwork
  • EDLD 598 Action Research Project

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EDLD 502 Current Social, Cultural and Political Issues in Education (3 units)

EDLD 502 is an in-depth systematic study of the social, cultural, and political issues and trends that affect educational leaders in today's American schools. This study is achieved through the completing of five student learning outcomes (SLOs).

EDLD 504 Educational Leadership: School Law and Public Policy (3 units)
Implications and trends of court decisions at the federal, state, and local levels as they affect the role of counselor, teacher, and administrator; their impact on district policy and finance, and on district and local programs and activities.  Also studied is the importance of policy development and implementation and its impact on K-12 education.

EDLD 568 Educational Leadership: Organizational Leadership and Public Education (3 units)
An overview of organizational and leadership theories and their impact on K-12 schools.    The organizational patterns of education at the federal, state, and local levels, with emphasis on the interrelationships in the educational professional bureaucracy as they relate to the framework of decision making and the functions at the local level in meeting individual student needs.

EDLD 570 Educational Leadership: Curriculum Leadership and Program Evaluation (3 units)
An overview of curriculum; theory, development, organization, evaluation, improvement and implementation; historical background and comparative educational patterns; the social, psychological, and philosophical roots. Candidates learn how to evaluate curricular and instructional programs for their effective use and implementation.  Candidates learn to apply, model, and analyze both formative and summative assessment strategies and demonstrate an understanding of standards-based accountability systems.

EDLD 572 Educational Leadership: Managing Resources (3 units)
People, Policy, and Practice: The processes of managing human and fiscal resources with a focus on student achievement, including the selection and hiring of employees, supervision and evaluation techniques, fiscal resources, and grant writing.

EDLD 580 Educational Leadership: Organizational Transformation: Leading for Learning (3 units)
A focus on school culture and its implications for student achievement. Candidates learn formative approaches to supervision practices that increase student achievement as well as how to evaluate instruction for school improvement.  Current practices such as Response to Intervention (RTI) and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are studied.

EDLD 550 Educational Leadership: Focusing on Student Achievement (3 units)
An emphasis on using the California Standards for the Teaching Profession to guide instructional practice and the development of coaching and mentoring skills to promote student achievement.

EDLD 510 a, b, c Action Research for Practitioners - Advanced Studies (3 units total)
Designed for students in programs in the Department of Advanced Studies. A systematic study and analysis of current research and methods of conducting research in educational settings. The objectives in this course focus on (A) knowledge base; (B) techniques; and (C) applications of action research.

EDLD 591 Fieldwork a, b, c (3 units total)
This course provides opportunity for the candidate to work with a university supervisor on fieldwork activities specifically designed to enhance the candidate’s leadership ability.  All fieldwork assignments are tied to specific coursework each semester a candidate is enrolled in the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program.

EDLD 598 Action Research Project (3 units)
This course is a culmination of EDLD 510 a, b, c coursework. The candidate completes a five-chapter paper of the action research project developed in EDLD 510 a, b, c, including the following: introduction; literature review; methodology; discussion of data; analysis and findings.

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Thousand Oaks

60 West Olsen Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Santa Maria Center

708 S Miller St
Santa Maria, CA 93454

Woodland Hills

5925 De Soto Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

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Our Students

Photo of Vince Sagisi

"Coming from a Major League Baseball Scouting background, I was concerned that I would not "fit in or benefit" from my participation in the California Lutheran's Master of Arts in Educational Leadership Program.  My concern was short lived, as the professors and my cohorts made me feel welcome.  Their openness for sharing their experiences, willingness to help, encouraging words and care for the well-being of a cohort that is considered an "outsider" from the educational field, which they come from, makes the Educational Leadership a special and unique program!

The knowledge and experience that I've gained is not just suited for the educational field, but it can be used as a model for any type of leadership position, whether it is in Major League Baseball or the corporate world.

I highly recommend the Educational Leadership Program to anyone that is pursuing a career in education or aspires to be in a leadership position!"

Vince Sagisi
Major League Baseball Scout
Cleveland Indians

Photo of Rochell Daney

"Nearly everything I've learned in this program can be applied immediately in the workplace. That should be a primary goal of any graduate-level program. Professionals need useful skill sets not abstract concepts."

Rochell Daney
Advisor, Allan Hancock College

Photo of Corie Ross

"I thoroughly enjoy the Educational Leadership program.  It has been an amazing experience, not only because of the wonderful professors and important information we are covering, but also because of the relationships with the members of our cohort.  Together, we have a totally supportive, caring and driven group of individuals who make the experience worthwhile and beneficial.  I would definitely recommend this program!"

Corie Ross
MA in Ed Leadership 2013

Photo of Ellen Hunt

"California Lutheran University's Educational Leadership program is the ideal graduate opportunity for a working educator desiring the California preliminary administrative credential, master's degree and consideration for advanced doctoral study.  I appreciate the weekend schedule of Friday evening and Saturday, the small cohort grouping and experienced faculty who are currently working in the field and/or actively researching in the field.  As a veteran educator, this program has consistently provided challenging assignments, relevant materials and stimulating opportunities for discussion and reflection with colleagues that have deepened my thinking and brought new insight to my practices as an educator. I value the support and encouragement of faculty who recognize and honor the professional educator-student and the significance of our collaborative work together."

Ellen Hunt
MA in Ed Leadership 2013

Photo of Hallie Chambers

"CLU's Graduate School of Education gave me the opportunity to network with other local educational leaders and administrators who not only encouraged me but also served as my mentors. CLU's program is comprehensive in the connection of theories to best practices for educational leaders and I highly recommend it to anyone pursuing a career in education."

Hallie Chambers
Dean of Students, Sequoia Middle School
Conejo Valley Unified School District

Photo of Gayle Vyenielo

"The Educational Leadership Program has been an incredibly rewarding experience.  The professors have provided great insight into the tools necessary to become an exceptional educational leader.  Further, we are building invaluable relationships with our fellow classmates who are also educators and community leaders.   It is this combination of faculty-lead discovery and interaction between our cohorts that is excellent preparation for highly effective leadership."

Gayle Vyenielo
MA in Ed Leadership 2013

Photo of Bethany Moore

"The Educational Leadership program has equipped me with the tools I will need to be an effective administrator during a time of change in public education. I have gained extensive knowledge regarding best leadership practices, worked collaboratively with current administrators and superintendents throughout Ventura County, and pushed myself to excel as a leader in my current teaching position.

"Most importantly, I have been challenged to think critically and strategically about the future of education. I am looking forward to applying my knowledge in the field and continuing to make a difference."

Bethany Moore
Master of Arts in Educational Leadership,
Cal Lutheran Main Campus

Photo of Nikolaus Namba

"You will not find a group of professors who are more relevant in their field today. The instructors are currently in administrative positions or recently removed which allows them to relate specific experiences that we will encounter in our future administrative roles. The experience is irreplaceable.

"The Preliminary Administrative Services Credential prepares any educator for an administrative position. If you are currently in a school district, a charter school, or a private school, the program will relate to you. Classmates become friends and an amazing network of professionals for our future administrative careers."

Nikolaus Namba
Preliminary Administrative Services Credential
Master of Arts in Educational Leadership
Cal Lutheran Main Campus

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  2. Completed Application Form
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  7. Petition to Waive the GRE or GRE Scores
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