Graduate School of Education

Reading Certificate

Completion of the Master of Education, Reading Specialization program is designed to assist the credentialed teacher in developing additional expertise in the teaching of reading.  In addition, the courses provide teachers (with three years teaching experience) eligibility for the Reading Certificate issued by the CCTC. 

The Reading Certificate authorizes the holder to assess student reading and provide reading instruction in response to those assessments.  Reading Certificate holders are also authorized to develop, implement, and adapt the reading content curriculum and assist classroom teachers in these areas.  Holders of the Reading Certificate may perform the above services at one or more school sites at the grade levels authorized by their prerequisite teaching credential. 


The following are the CCTC requirements for the Reading Certificate:

  • Hold a valid teaching credential
  • Provide verification of three years successful, full-time teaching experience in any grade or subject, preschool through adults (this experience may also be gained outside of California - subject to review an approval by Credentials Office)
  • Complete a reading certificate program through a California college or university

After completion of the Reading Certificate program and an academic exit, submit the certificate application, fee, and Verification of Experience form to the Credentials Office.  Read the instructions thoroughly to expedite the application process.


Download and Print Application

Download and Print Verification of Experience (CL-41 EXP) form