Recommendations for 2009/2010 Renewal and Replacement

Recommendation for Deferred Maintenance Projects 2009/2010

Project Name Requestor
Upgrade HVAC/Windows in Mt Clef Hall Tony Adragna
$ 400,000
Upgrade HVAC/Electrical at Theater Arts Bldg Lolita Ball
Upgrade to centrally controlled irrigation system Mark Jacobsen
Replace siding and roofing at Peters Hall Charles Maxey
Repair/replace worn/damaged paved surfaces Tony Adragna
Refurbish designated concrete barrel roofs Josh Murray

Replace roof on Nygreen Hall

R. Van Ommeren
Replace entry doors at Grace Hall Gary Hargrave

Repair sewer main south of Kramer Ct

Leo Rodriquez
Upgrade exterior lighting on campus ASCLU
Re-carpet Richter Hall in ASCI William Bildeau
Re-roof and paint the Pederson Ranch House Wyant Morton
Re-lamp Preus-Brandt Forum Joshua Finkel
Upgrade HVAC controls in Samuelson Chapel classrooms/offices John Urango
Total – Recommended Projects  
Deferred Maintenance Funding  


Capital Project Requests that will be Performed through Regular Maintenance

Request Requestor
Resolve temperature control problem in Alumni Hall 115 Bernard Merkle
Repair drywall in Alumni Hall restrooms Ronald Hagler
Resolve sun glare problem in Alumni Hall Bernard Merkel
Clean-up of ASCI stairwells Mike Shaw
Remodel Cafeteria bathrooms Cindy Lewis
Purchase additional bike racks on campus ASCLU Senate
Repair Forum ceiling Julius Bianchi
Repair ceiling in Humanities 118 Adina Nack
Repair fascia boards of K Building Lolita Ball
Upgrade HVAC KW Michael Pearce
Repair leak in Music House Wyant Morton
Remove exterior rod near Nygreen Hall Paul Witman
New landscaping in Pavillion area Christine Paul
Repair wall & door in SBET Building Julius Bianchi
Convert SBET 103 from dressing room to an office David Grannis
Fix toilet seats in SBET Gail Uellendahl
Provide small trash bins for each office Joshua Finkel
Repair parking lot step near Church Relations in Welcome Center Caryl Lipira
Upgrade HVAC in Theater Arts Joshua Finkel
Resolve dryer problems in makeup room of Theatre Arts Lolita Ball
Provide a white board in Roth-Nelson Halyna Kornuta


Candidates for Year-End Funding

Request Requestor
Relocation of Health Services Bill Rosser
Addition of Library coffee shop and remodel of Foyer J. Bianchi/ B. Rosser
Update and renovate foyers in Thompson/Pederson Halls Bill Rosser
Addition of a language learning lab Lisa Loberg
Installation of infrastructure/equipment for cameras and alarms Fred Miller
Install new Aries FM 200 Fire Suppression System on campus Zareh Marselian
Addition of bleachers in the Aquatics Center ASCLU Senate
Purchase new furnishings for the SUB Sally Sagen
New flooring and reception furniture for Humanities Gallery Michael Pearce


Other Major Maintenance Projects - Unfunded

Request Requestor
Additional lighting for Sparky Anderson Field ASCLU Senate
Addition of a campus movie room Lisa Loberg
Add campus street crosswalk Sally Sagen
Create an outdoor meditation area by the Chapel Pastors Maxwell-Doherty
Increase staff parking designation by the Chapel Alex Barker
Provide classroom stand alone podiums Don Waisanen
Rewire E Building Marsha Anderson
Install computer classrooms in Humanities Don Waisanen
Landscape North and East sides of Humanities Jarvis Streeter
Add garbage disposals to Mogen Hall ASCLU Senate
Upgrade/update Mt. Clef Hall ASCLU Senate
Resolve HVAC & temperature control issues in Old West ASCLU Senate
Provide and install new internet hub/ports in the SUB Sally Sagen
Purchase a new refrigerator for the SUB Sally Sagen
Install a new computer line for the SUB Bill Rosser
Install new carpet in SUB offices Sally Sagen
Provide fans for Theater Arts Jashua Finkel
Change Thompson/Pederson basketball area to parking lot Jarvis Streeter
Install partitions in 4 Thompson/Pederson Hall bedrooms Christine Paul
Renovate one of Thompson/Pederson/Mt. Clef Halls Christine Paul
Repair A/V projection system in Nygreen 2 Adina Nack