Recommendations for 2004 -- 2005 Renewal and Replacement

Recommendation for Deferred Maintenance Projects 2004 - 2005

    Request     Requestor     Total Cost
Perform Pre-Earthquake Seismic Engineering Evaluation Ryan VanOmmeren $3,000.00
Refurbish Streets and REplace Humanities Driveway Apron Ryan VanOmmeren $20,000.00
Re-duct Alumni Hall HVAC, Replace Drapery and Chairs Linda Heidtke $25,000.00
Replace Admin/Alumni Hall Mismatched Parking Lot Lights Ritch Eich $17,500.00
Renovate Mt. Clef Mechanical Building Ritch Eich $35,000.00
Replace Gym/Little Theater Doors Charlene Ismay $5,000.00
Repain Gym Annex Sidewalk Daniel Kuntz $10,000.00
Replace Chapel Transformer Ryan VanOmmeren $15,000.00
Renovate Ahmanson Science Building Lobby and Corridors Andrea Huvard $50,000.00
Upgrade Library Lighting and Shelving Julius Bianchi $50,000.00
Replcae Library Air Conditioner Compressor John Urango $10,000.00
Add Lighting and Install Erosion Protection in Buth Park Student Light Comm $8,000.00
Renovate Conejo Hall and Install Fire Sprinklers Margaret Miller $535,000.00
Replace New West Lobby and 1st Floor Corridor Carpet Christine Paul $3,450.00

Project Contingency

Total - Recommended Projects

Deferred Maintenance Funding

Potential Year-End Fund Balance Improvement Projects
Department Funded/Unfunded

    Request     Requestor
More consistent and visible signage on campus Guy Erwin & Christine Paul
Handicap accessible ramp on the Memorial Parkway near Humanities Valeri Cirino-Paez
Addition of study/conference rooms in Pederson/Thompson Michael Fuller
Renovate foyers of Pederson/Thompson Hall Michael Fuller & Christine Paul
Re-cover/Replace Couches in Mt.Cleff Hall Lounge Michael Fuller
Improve University signage Christine Paul
Make the a la carte station a permanent building Christine Paul
Move Habitat House Sally Sagen
Replace missing tables in Humanities Ryan VanOmmeren

Other Major Maintenance Projects - Unfunded

    Request     Requestor
Reduce the grade of the SUB walkway Nicole Hackbarth
Replace Junipers at the Student Union Building Nicole Hackbarth & Sally Sagen
Renovate New West Halls Christine Paul
Improve the lighting and bleachers in the gymnasium Christine Paul
Replace the Bridge in Kingsmen Park Christine Paul
Change ext lighting of Janss & Rasmussen to match Afton Margaret Miller
Add blackout curtains or another light control on West side of SBET Millie Murray-Ward
Put in handicapped access doors to the halls in SBET Millie Murray-Ward
Put in a "trigger" switch for handicapped access for the north door to SBET Millie Murray-Ward
Place paver stones on pathways between Mogen Hall and Luther Street Sally Sagen
Replacemen/repair water damaged ceiling in Marketing and Comm office Carol Keochekian
Move light in visitors parking lot Ritch Eich
Paint rails and some doors at residence halls Charlene Ismay
Paint 132 Faculty Charlene Ismay
Improve exterior lighting and hazardous walkway to Nelson Room Ernst Tonsing
Preplace Peters Hall transformer Ryan VanOmmeren
Convert gym area to three phase electrical Ryan VanOmmeren
Replace fixtures and tiles in Alumni Hall Leo Rodriquez
Replace fixtures and tiles in the Business Office Leo Rodriquez
Bath fixtures need to be updated and tile redone in Publications Leo Rodriquez
Replace tile in women's bathroom of library Leo Rodriquez
Cut the tree roots & repave, replace with grass at Gym driveway Cruz Pulido
Add new units and duct work to Peters Hall 105 & 106 John Urango

Capital Project Requests that will be preformed through Regular Maintenance

    Request     Requestor
Remodel downstairs bathrooms in Admin Bldg (in progress) Irene Moyer & others
Remove cobwebs from administration stairwells Ritch Eich
Improve efficiency by re-location of t-stat in Alumni Hall John Urango
Install disability access signs for cafeteria Valeri Cirino-Paez
Purchase device to ensure electric door access is standard Valeri Cirino-Paez
Replace missing light fixture above chancel in Chapel Unknown
Landscape around Conejo Hall (After summer remodel) N Hackbarth & M Miller
Add pansies to planters at south entrace of SBET Millie Murray-Ward
Add electrical outlet in SBET copy room Millie Murray-Ward
Add a decicated circut in SBET copy room Millie Murray-Ward
Replace sidewalk and cut tree roots along Faculty Street Cruz Pulido
Update Gym bathrooms (new plumbing for men's only) Christine Paul
Electrical power box in Kingsmen Park (In progress) Michael Fuller
Improve landscaping in Kingsmen Park Unknown
Remove metal circles at entrance of Kramer Court Sally Sagen
Kramer Patio Door Replacement, add deadbolts on front doors (Done) Michael Fuller
Remove Pine Tree on the corner of Faculty and Luther Camille Collet
Paint study lounge in Mogen, add wall protectors Sally Sagen
Add woodchips to paths from Luther to Mogen Hall Sally Sagen
Install roof access to Mogen Hall Sally Sagen
Improve the maintenace of the grass at Mogen Hall Sally Sagen
Clean awnings to windows of Mogen Hall Sally Sagen
Install Handicap accessible ramp to Music Building Valeri Cirino-Paez
Re-landscape parking strip at Admin entrance Ritch Eich
Renovate Pederson and Thompson stairways and walkways Nicole Hackbarth
Improve landscaping around residence halls Michael Fuller
Repair/Re-coat and slip guard external stairwells at all Res Halls (In progress) Michael Fuller & others
Paint 82 Faculty Charlene Ismay
Cover pipe in dirt next to Student Union Building Unknown
Replace sand in volleybal court in New West (Done) Christine Paul
Update and repair New West grounds Christine Paul