Recommendations for 2005/2006 Renewal and Replacement

Recommendation for Deferred Maintenance Projects 2005 - 2006

    Request     Requestor     Total Cost
Ahmanson Science Center Roof Replacement Tony Adragna 55,000
F Building Roof Replacement Tony Adragna 20,000
Samuelson Chapel Structure and Roof Repair Tony Adragna 60,000
South Hall Renovation Fuller/Paul 600,00
Peters Hall Transformer Replacement Gary Hargrave 25,000
Mt. Clef Parking Lot Light Standards Replacement Gary Hargrave 3,000
Campus Wide Parking Lot Resurfacing Charlene Ismay 20,000
Luther Statue Renovation Ryan VanOmmeren 21,938
Humanities Corridor Wall Covering Replacement Charlene Ismay 10,200
SBET Vault Access Improvement
Gary Hargrave 5,000
Pederson/Thompson Halls Balcony Renovations Nicole Hackbarth 25,000
Total - Recommended Projects 845,138
Deferred Maintenance Funding 790,000
Other Funding 55,130

Capital Project Request that will be Preformed through Regular Maintenace

    Request     Requestor
Add hooks in the Men's Room in SBET Randy Lindsey
Add more lighting in Admin parking lot (ACCOMPLISHED BY CELL SITE) Pam Arthur
Add new units and duck work to Peters Hall 105 & 106 John Urango
Adjust Lighting around the CLU sign on corner of Olsen & Mt. Clef Bradley G. Bjelke
Change the exterior lighting of Janss & Rasmussen to match Afton Margaret Miller
Determine regular maintenance needs of Overton Hall Karen Sabourin
Fix the leaks in K-1 (COMPLETED) Daniel Geeting
Gravel/repave parking lot, west of Science Bldg (NEW GRAVEL FORTHCOMING) Barbara Collins
Improve the temperature control in the Alumni Hall classrooms (COMPLETED) Bernard Merkle
Install a fan in the women's restroom in F Building. Karen Renick
Renovate the ladies restroom off the foyer in the Library Sue Bauer
Replace ladies toilet in the ISS back office restroom Sue Bauer
Review locations of special events for maintenance needs Karen Sabourin
Move light in the visitors parking lot (COMPLETED) Ritch Eich
Move tennis shed for better access Michael Gennette
Redo Preschool plumbing lines (COMPLETED) Elaine Davis
Renovate Pole Vault Pit Covers Scott Fickerson
Replace sink and cabinet in women's bathroom in G Bldg. Leo Rodriquez
Resolve HVAC problems in Human Resources (COMPLETED) Susan Tolle
Seal lattice work in F-18 to discourage rodents from entering the room Karen Renick
Clean the ventilation HVAC system for Thompson Hall Angela Rowley
Instruct White Board users to ensure proper marking (COMPLETED) Bernard Merkle

Candidates for Year-End Fund Balance Improvement Projects

    Request     Requestor
Add Additional Classrooms-Computer Labs Diane Csellak
Replace the thin door in ARC Apartment of Thompson next to hall front desk Angela Rowley
Renovate Art Bldgs A & B Brint/Higgins
Install automatic door sensors in Mogen Hall Jeff McMillian
Improve exterior lighting and hazardous walkway to Nelson Room Ernst Tonsing
Install path by Kallas House Michael Fuller
Renovate Kallas House Ryan VanOmmeren
Place paver type stones on pathways between Mogen Hall and Luther Street Sally Sagen
Replace the bridge in Kingsmen Park Sabourin/Paul
Replace the bike racks in the residence halls (PARTIAL COMPLETION) Michael Fuller

Other Major Maintenance Projects - Unfunded

    Request     Requestor
Add blackout curtains or another light on West side of SBET Millie Murray-Ward
Add an additional Parking Lot behind New West Michael Fuller
Add signage on all CLU owned houses Michael Fuller
Build a permanent stage in Kingsmen Park Karen Sabourin
Build a coffee bar in Forum Lobby Julius Bianchi
Replace/repair the campus spine and Kingsmen Park sidewalks Charlene Ismay
Convert gym area to three phase electrical Ryan VanOmmeren
Create more parking spaces throughout the campus Barbara Collins
Create study room by enclosing North Atrium in the Library Julius Bianchi
Cut the tree roots and re-pave Gym driveway Cruz Pulido
Enhance Kingsmen Park with a addition of a stage, pavers, etc. Michael Fuller
Repair/Replace the sidewalks on Faculty St. between Regent and Pioneer Charlene Ismay
Renovate the foyers of Thompson/Pederson Halls Angela Rowley
Carpet and Paint the hallways of G Building Pat Egle
Improve Handicapped access to internal halls of SBET (DOORS ARE TO CODE) Linda Nausin
Improve Handicapped Accessible door for N ent of SBET (DOORS ARE TO CODE) Linda Nausin
Replace/Repair the Humanities Bldg driveway & curb Charlene
Improve roof access to Mogen Hall Gary Hargrave
Improve the HVAC control for the business office Susan Nowak
Improve the landscaping of the north and east side of Humanities Bldg. Dr. Jarvis Streeter
Improve the lighting and bleachers in the gymnasium Christine Paul
Improve the pavement and lighting in the quad area between E & F Karen Renick
Install a handicap entrance to the music house Dorothy Schechter
Install card readers on the Mt. Clef side prop doors Nathan Fall
Install light switch & door accessibility in D Bldg. Myungsook Klassen
Renovate K-1 Brint/Geeting
Replant the dead patch of grass in front of Thompson bet sidewalk and electrical bldg Angela Rowley
Make landscaping behind Thompson look similar to Pederson Memorial Street side Angela Rowley
Repair/Replace the sliding glass doors Mt. Clef’s kitchen/recreation room Nathan Fall
Build a new Student Union Building Larson/Rowley
Paint the silver poles by back entrance of Mogen Sally Sagen
Replace/Repair the northwest sidewalk of Peters Hall Charlene
Provide markings for street parking or angle parking to increase parking spaces Michael W. Lodato
Purchase new lift for facility department repairs Gary Hargrave
Put in a "trigger" switch for handicapped access for the north door to SBET Millie Murray-Ward
Put in handicapped access doors to the halls in SBET Millie Murray-Ward
Re carpet remaining areas in the Library Julius Bianchi
Re-carpet student rooms in Thompson/Pederson Halls Angela Rowley
Reduce the noise level in the Nelson Room Linda Heidtke
Reduce the grade of the walkway leading to Student Union Building Nicole Hackbarth
Remodel D Building restrooms Justin Barkhuff
Provide remote control of classroom ceiling projector (TO MEDIA SERVICES) Bernard Merkle
Remove the large vertical wood slats on Thompson Hall Angela Rowley
Remove/replace junipers in front of the SUB Sagen/Hackbarth/Larson
Repair the cracks in the tennis courts Michael Gennette
Replace fixtures and tile in Alumni Hall Leo Rodriquez
Replace fixtures and tile in the Business Office Leo Rodriquez
Replace tile in women's bathroom in the library Leo Rodriquez
Replace/repair water damaged ceiling in Marketing & Communication Office Carol Keochekian
Sound system repair for balcony area in Chapel (TO MEDIA SERVICES) William Bersley
Repair the Tennis Court Windscreen Michael Gennette
Upgrade F Building restrooms Justin Barkhuff