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Bettina Hodel, Ph.D.

Email: hodel@callutheran.edu
Phone: 805 286 1802
Office: P.O. Box 2646 Paso Robles CA, 93447


Education in Switzerland. Senior Research Psychologist at University of Bern/Switzerland. Assistant Professor at University of Geneva. Licensed Psychologist In California. Currently: Psychologist of the Developmental Disabilities Program at California Men's Colony (San Luis Obispo, CA) with focus on development and evaluation of a psychosocial intervention program for inmates with mental illness and dementia. Consulting Psychologist for Skilled Nursing Facilities in San Luis Obispo, CA (provided by Compass) Multiple publications of evaluative studies of treatment interventions in peer-reviewed journals (in German, French and English ). Multiple international presentations about psychosocial interventions for patients with cognitive impairments (especially dementia) and mental illness. Most current presentations at Dementia Congress in Belfast (May 2008), at Dementia Congress of University Sterling, Scotland (September 2008), and at Forensic Mental Health Association (March 2009)


University of Fribourg/Switzerland: Therapist for People with Disabilities (B.A.) University of Bern/Switzerland: Clinical Psychologist (M.A.) University of Bern/Switzerland : Clinical Psychologist (Ph.D.) Board of Psychology: License in Psychology (Psy 17406)


-Behavior Modification: traditional and current approaches -Program Evaluation -Assessment and psychosocial interventions in the community for people who suffer from cognitive impairments (especially dementia) and mental illness -Psychosocial interventions for inmates who suffer from cognitive impairments (especially dementia) and mental illness in forensic settings