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This is Your Guide to Financial Aid

Finances should not be a barrier to investing in your future. At California Lutheran University, we are committed to making your education as affordable as possible. Cal Lutheran offers a full range of scholarships, financial aid and financing options to families of all income levels.

In fact, in recent years, approximately 90 percent of Cal Lutheran undergraduate students received some form of financial assistance, totaling more than $72 million. An array of federal, state and institutional financial aid programs helped students at all economic levels pay for their education.

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Check out this step by step guide to help you plan for your education at Cal Lutheran.

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Please be advised that our method of communicating with students is through the callutheran.edu email address assigned to you after your admission to Cal Lutheran. Make sure to frequently check this email address or forward it to another email account in order to receive important information in a timely manner, including any changes made to your Financial Aid Award.

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