Faculty & Staff Benefits

Tuition Remission is a benefit available to employees of California Lutheran University. The employee (and/or their spouse, registered domestic partner, or unmarried dependent) may be eligible to receive a portion of tuition covered by Tuition Remission to reduce the balance owed to CLU.

Prior to registering for a course for which one is entitled to a Tuition Remission, it is the responsibility of the employee to first secure an application from the Human Resources Office. Only via this manner does the Business Office know what charges should be applied. This should be done at least two (2) weeks in advance of registration each term.

Complete the Tuition Remission Payment Option Form to request tuition benefits.

Eligibility Details

For baccalaureate work in the undergraduate program (not to exceed 130 units) or for fifth year credential work (not to exceed 36 semester units):

  • A full-time administrator or staff member
  • A spouse or registered domestic partner of a full-time administrator or staff member
  • An unmarried dependent (through age 23) of a full-time administrator or staff member

For enrollment in the Bachelor's Degree for Professionals (Professionals):

  • A full-time administrator or staff member

For enrollment in graduate and credential programs:

  • A full-time administrator or staff member

Additional Details

There is a one year eligibility waiting period.

Administrators with half-time annual contracts or greater and staff who work 30 hours per week or more shall benefit proportionately to their hours of employment.

Employees are limited to receiving tuition remission for a maximum of two courses per term irrespective of the program in which they are enrolled.

Dependents are defined as natural or adopted unmarried children whose status qualifies them for exemption for federal income tax purposes.

Tuition remission for eligible spouses and unmarried dependents will be reduced by their scholarships and grants from other sources so that total scholarships and grants will not exceed California Lutheran University's tuition.

If a student is eligible for Tuition Remission along with other Institutional Aid, the total amount between Tuition Remission and the other Institutional Aid cannot exceed California Lutheran University's tuition. Professionals and Graduate students who may have been eligible for the Graduate Scholarship, Professionals Grant, and/or Professionals Scholarship are not eligible to receive both the Scholarship/Grant and Tuition Remission.

Please read the CLU Employee Handbook for full information.