Lundring Youth Leadership Endowed Scholarship

The Lundring Youth Leadership Endowment Scholarship was initiated by Axel Lundring in celebration of his 90th birthday in April of 1998. His purpose was to create a scholarship that would develop leadership potential for the church by supporting students who serve as summer counselors at Lutheran camps. All members of the Lundring family have contributed to the fund. This scholarship is specifically designed to encourage and assist CLU students who choose to work at either Camp Yolijwa, El Camino Pines, Mt. Cross or Holden Village during summer break.

Awards will be made each fall in the form of tuition scholarship to students who have worked on staff at one of these sites during the previous summer.

  • 2.5 minimum grade point average
  • Involved in campus life
  • Involved in church life
  • Show signs of potential leadership
  • Maximum for each award will be $1,000
  • At this time, 3 scholarships will be awarded per year
Download Application

Submit application by August 1 to the Office of Church Relations, California Lutheran University, 60 W. Olsen Road #2125, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. Selection made by Church Relations office, based on application and essay.