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Cal Grant Amounts for 2012-13

Posted on April 24, 2012

In his proposed 2012-2013 budget for the State of California, the Governor has proposed cutting the amount of the Cal Grant at non-profit, private institutions like California Lutheran University (CLU) from $9,708 to the amount students receive at the California State University (CSU) institutions – anticipated to be approximately $5,476. This cut in the Cal Grant amount would affect students who are starting in the Cal Grant program in 2012-2013 and students who are continuing in the program in 2012-2013. If this cut is approved, over 400 students at CLU who receive Cal Grant benefits would lose approximately $1.6 million in funding towards their educational expenses. 

If students and families want to express concern regarding this proposed cut and its impact on education in the State of California, they can visit the Students First Alliance website at From this website, you can:

  • "Like" Students First Alliance on Facebook and/or follow them on Twitter so you can remain up-to-date on developments as they occur
  • Sign the Petition to Save the Cal Grants
  • Sign up to receive updates from Students First Alliance

Students and families can also email/call/visit legislative representatives in both the Assembly and the Senate, along with the Governor, to express their opinions.

On March 7, the Assembly's subcommittee on education finance rejected the proposals from the Governor to cut the Cal Grant. On April 19, the Senate's budget subcommittee reviewed the Governor's proposals, but took no action on them. The budget is scheduled to be finalized by June 15, however, in previous years it has taken into October/November to finalize the State Budget.