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Important Traditional UG Policy Change

Posted on May 14, 2013

Please be advised of the following information regarding updates to the Office of Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), Institutional Aid Eligibility (IAE), and Academic Scholarship Eligibility (ASE) policies effective Fall 2013.

California Lutheran University (CLU) is required by federal regulations to monitor SAP toward graduation for all financial aid recipients. This is in addition to CLUs institutional academic progress policies and policies related to IAE. The policies related to SAP and IAE are posted on the Office of Financial Aid's website.

The CLU Office of Financial Aid has made updates to its policies regarding SAP, IAE, and ASE. These updated policies go into effect starting with the review of students' academic progress at the conclusion of the Spring 2013 semester. The updated full policy can be reviewed here.  

We strongly encourage you to read the full policy. The major highlights are:

  • Starting with the 2013-14 academic year, students receiving a CLU Academic Scholarship are only required to maintain SAP and IAE criteria in order to renew their scholarships from year to year. Any student enrolled in the 2013-14 academic year who was placed on ASE Suspension, Probation, or Termination in a prior term will have their scholarship fully reinstated for 2013-14 (so long as they have met and continue to maintain SAP and IAE). Important Note: Swenson scholars are held to a separate GPA requirement and must continue to maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA each semester.
  • The updated IAE policy maintains that undergraduate students are eligible to receive Institutional Aid for up to 140 attempted units and must successfully complete at least 80% of their attempted units each year in order to remain eligible to receive Institutional Aid.  This includes any transfer units, repeated coursework, remedial classes, consortium agreement credits, and/or college classes taken while in high school.
  • Students who are not compliant with IAE policies at the time of the review will be placed on IAE Suspension and will not eligible for Institutional Aid.
  • SAP and IAE will be reviewed once per year following the posting of grades at the end of the Spring term.
  • Students who are not making SAP at the time of review will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension and will not be eligible for any financial aid. Under federal regulations, because SAP is reviewed once per year, there is no warning period.
  • Students cannot appeal a "potential" Suspension. Students must be notified of their Suspension status before they can submit an appeal and the appeal must be submitted using the appropriate appeal form.
  • Please be advised, students who move forward with the appeal process will need to provide an educational plan that may be obtained through WebAdvisor. SAP/IAE review will begin on May 28, 2013 following the final submission of grades on May 24, 2013. Important Note: The Maximum Time Frame appeal form will require a signature from one of the following: Academic or Faculty Advisor, Registrar Evaluator, Student Support Services Counselor, or Center for Academic and Accessibility Resources Advisor.

If you have any questions regarding the SAP, ASE, and IAE policy changes, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at or (805) 493-3115.