Giving to Cal Lutheran

The CLU Annual Fund

What is the CLU Annual Fund?

The CLU Annual Fund is part of an ongoing effort dedicated to securing financial support to meet the University's growing needs.

Our primary goal is to raise unrestricted funds to complement funding from other sources. Gifts to the CLU Annual Fund go where the needs and opportunities are greatest. The CLU Annual Fund has traditionally been used to provide support for scholarships, academic resources and the advancement of teaching and research.

With a strong base of donors who are committed to providing annual gifts to CLU, the University can continue to educate deserving students, strengthen research that leads to new knowledge and solutions, prepare tomorrow's leaders, and help the campus maintain its current high level of excellence and growth.

Gifts of all sizes are a powerful investment in the future and make a difference in the lives of every student, in every study, every year.

Can I choose where my dollars go?

Yes! The great thing about the CLU Annual Fund is its flexibility and immediacy.

You can designate your gift to a particular school, department or program. Still vital, still flexible, still available immediately — this method of giving enables you to have a say in where your generosity is applied.

On the other hand, donations can be applied where they are needed most — to address day-to-day operating costs, enhancements to the campus, strategic investments in CLU's future, or other pressing needs of the institution.

It's your choice. Rest assured your generous gifts will be put to expedient — and excellent — use.

How can I multiply my gift?

Matching gifts double or even triple the effectiveness of your dollars. You or your spouse may work for a company that matches its employee's gifts. To find out if your employer participates in a matching gift program, contact your personnel office or visit our matching gifts website. Matching gift companies will have a form available to employees, which you can send in to us with your gift. We'll do the rest.

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