Giving to Cal Lutheran

On behalf of all current students, thank you for your support!

The Student Phonathon is an important program of the CLU Annual Fund that facilitates a connection between current students and CLU's alumni, parents and friends. The Phonathon helps to establish and continue a positive relationship with our constituents. Each caller takes their own unique approach to stressing the importance of CLU Annual Fund to the continued growth of our students and the University. During the 2013-2014 Fall and Spring Phonathons combined, the Phonathon students raised over $310,000 in gifts and pledges for the CLU Annual Fund.

Did you already receive a call from one of our Phonathon callers this fiscal year and commit to making a pledge over the phone? All gifts are due by May 31st! Fulfill your commitment and make a gift today:

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Matching Matters!

Many companies have matching gift programs that can double, or even triple, your gift amount. To learn more, visit our matching gift website or contact your HR department directly.

Why have I not received a call?

You may have not received a call because we do not have the correct contact information on file. If you would like to receive a call from our student callers, please update your information.

We call September-December, and January-April, Sunday though Thursday nights. When you see CLU on your caller ID, we hope you pick up the phone!

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