M.S. in Clinical Psychology

Quick Facts

The Master of Science in Clinical Psychology is a research intensive degree that emphasizes a scientist-practitioner model. The degree prepares you for positions requiring knowledge of applied psychological research or continuing on to a doctoral degree. The knowledge you gain will prepare you to answer questions posed by health organizations, non-profit organizations, businesses, consumer organizations, and educational institutions.

Through a Master’s thesis and coursework in empirically supported assessments, treatments, and research, you will acquire skills in psychological research, program evaluation, and outcome assessment as well as clinical skills related to understanding psychopathology and major therapeutic techniques.

We work closely with each student in a small class format and provide access to the technology and resources you need to maximally benefit from your educational experience. Classes are held on the Thousand Oaks campus, located between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

Mike Gomez, Student

"The classroom environment here goes far beyond lectures and reviewing assigned texts. Classes provide a forum for discussion which really enhances what you're learning. For example, by actively communicating in my psychopathology class, I've gained a stronger foundation and am better equipped to work with clients.

This kind of learning environment provides me with greater confidence, as well as a deeper understanding of the material."

Mike Gomez
M.S. in Clinical Psychology