High Quality, Low Cost Health Care

California Lutheran University Health Services strives to provide high quality, low cost health care services to university students. The use of a holistic model recognizes the interconnectedness of mind and body. We emphasize health education to empower students to be active participants in health care decisions and treatment.  We treat a variety of medical conditions confidentially, compassionately, and without judgment.

We support the academic mission of the University and work with other University faculty/staff for outreach to students through health education programs, disaster preparedness, wellness programs and communicable disease prevention programs, as well as promotion of the physical and mental health of the campus community.

Call (805) 493-3225 for an appointment


Health Services hours during Spring Break (March 17-21): Tuesday (3/18) and Thursday (3/20): open 9AM-12:30PM


Please bring your student ID card and form of payment when you need to be seen at Health Services.


If you do not have health insurance and are interested in enrolling in the health insurances provided under the Affordable Care Act please visit www.healthcare.gov.



Student Health Insurance

There is no mandatory, automatic health insurance policy given to domestic CLU students.  For more informtaion regarding this change please click here.

For international students and those purchasing the voluntary United Healthcare Student Resources health insurance plan: A health insurance policy is provided for all international students to fulfill legal requirements. Domestic students can purchase a health insurance policy through United Healthcare Student Resource at www.uhcsr.com. For answers to frequently asked questions about the mandatory international and the voluntary domestic student health insurance porgram please click here.

Please read the information at www.uhcsr.com about the insurance or click on the links to the brochures below and be familiar with the limits of the policy. Also, print your insurance card and keep it in your wallet or on you at all times.

Information about the current year's student insurance policy with UnitedHealthcare StudentResources can be found at www.uhcsr.com. Look under "College Students" and click on "Find my School's Plan", then type in: California Lutheran University, click on the link for California Lutheran University, scroll down for links to providers, insurance brochure, and enrollment forms (for those who voluntarily purchase the insurance).

For frequently asked questions and more general insurance information please click here.
For an online version of the insurance brochure for 2013-2014 please click here.
For information on the NCAA athlete insurance for 2013-2014 please click here.


For local healthcare when Health Services is closed click here.





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