Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Student Health Insurance

(for those students who have the policy)

Who is covered by the student insurance?

Due to changes mandated by the federal Healthcare Reform bill there no longer is a mandatory, automatic health insurance policy for domestic undergraduate students.  International students with an F-1 visa are still covered by an international student health insurance policy as mandated by law.

If you are a domestic student you will not be covered by CLU's previous health insurance policy as of August 1, 2012.  For more information about this change click here. If you would like to purchase your own health insurance policy you can do so through United Healthcare Student Resources at or through your own insurance broker.

What is covered under this insurance plan for international students or for domestic students who purchase the policy?

This plan will provide some coverage for injuries and sicknesses (please read about Exclusions and Limitations in the insurance brochure). Charges from Health Services are not paid for by the insurance.

In addition, travel assistance is included.  Scholastic Emergency Services will provide increased coverage for students studying abroad or at a U.S. location greater than 100 miles from their permanent residence or campus location.  This coverage includes several additional benefits including medically supervised repatriation to the United States.

For more information regarding benefits and limits of this plan, please read the plan brochure that is online at the insurance company's website ( or call 1-800-767-0700 for this information.

Please read through the insurance brochure that is online at  It contains important information regarding benefits and limitations which are your responsibility to know.  If you have questions about coverage or did not recieve an insurance card please call United Healthcare StudentResources at 1-800-767-0700.


How to Use Your Student Health Insurance (for international students and for those domestic students who purchase the policy)

If you are sick or injured while CLU Health Services is open you must come to us first or the insurance will not pay for your medical services. 

Please see side bar for our hours and location.  Call 805-493-3225 for an appointment.  We attempt to accommodate walk-ins but those who walk in may have to make an appointment, wait, or be referred to an outside provider.

What do you do if you are sick or injured while CLU Health Services is closed?

If Health Services is closed you can seek medical care off-campus and the insurance should pay for covered medical services if you seek care at a provider or facility that is in the United Healthcare network. You will have to pay your portion of the medical bills. See for covered services and providers/facilities. Bring your insurance card with you

Where should you go for off-campus medical care when Health Services is closed?

If you are on-campus and have a medical emergency that requires you to be transported by an ambulance call 805-493-3911 (or x3911 from an on-campus phone).  This will connect you with Campus Safety and Security and they will call an ambulance and direct it to where you are on-campus.  The closest Emergency Room is at Los Robles Hospital on the corner of Janss Rd. and Lynn Rd.  Bring your insurance card with you!

If you need medical care that is not an emergency we recommend using the Thousand Oaks Urgent Care located on Janss Rd. off of Moorpark Rd.  Their address is 620 E. Janss Rd. and their phone number is 805-495-6866.  Their hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Appointments not needed.  Bring your insurance card with you!

If you are referred to a specialist by either the Emergency Room or Urgent Care you must come to Health Services before you see the specialist to get an insurance referral or your insurance will not pay for the specialist’s services. 

The only exception is when Health Services is closed, then you will not need an insurance referral for the specialist’s services.

Common reasons the insurance will not pay for your medical services (this list does not include all possible reasons):
  • You did not come to Health Services for medical care when it was open.  Please read about this under “Student Health Center (SHC) Referral Required” in your insurance brochure.
  • You received care for services listed under “Exclusions and Limitations” in your insurance brochure.  This is your responsibility to know these.
  • Your treated medical condition was “Pre-Existing”.  Please read about this under the “Exclusions and Limitations”.
  • You reached the maximum amount the insurance will pay.   Please read the “Schedule of Medical Expense Benefits” in your insurance brochure.
  • You were not eligible to receive the insurance.  Please read the “Eligibility” section.
  • You went to a doctor or facility that was not “in Network”.  Before you seek medical care make sure that doctor or facility is within the United Healthcare network.  You can find this information on-line at or by asking the doctor or facility, or ask at Health Services.


More information can be found at Click on "Find My School's Plan" (located under "College Students" in right sidebar) then type in: California Lutheran University.