Letter to Domestic Students Regarding Change to Student Health Insurance Policy

July, 2012

This message does not apply to CLU international students attending the University on an F-1 visa.


CLU undergraduate students and families:

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, recently enacted national health care laws now in effect, impose significant new requirements for health insurance plans beginning with "plan years" effective July 1, 2012 or later.  One aspect of these new laws will significantly impact California Lutheran University, making it no longer feasible for the University to purchase and provide student health insurance.

In previous years, the University has been able to provide a modest student health insurance policy for all domestic full time traditional undergraduate students.  While the vast majority of students are covered by other policies, typically as a dependent on the health insurance of a parent, the plan that the University provided could also act as a supplemental policy for covering such things as copayments and deductibles or act a resource for students located “out of network” in their HMO.  Providing CLU’s modest student health insurance policy is no longer financially feasible as the minimum policies that can now be written are much more robust and significantly more expensive.  CLU has determined that these health insurance cost increases are more than it can absorb and is not willing to require students to cover this significant premium increase.    

Please know that the University will continue to provide excellent student health services and counseling services on campus.  Beginning this fall, Student Health Services will have additional medical staff and the clinic hours have expanded.  Student Counseling Services is being enhanced by relocating to new facilities and by adding another psychologist to the staff.

The University recommends that students and their parents review any existing health insurance policy that covers the student.  Students should be aware of how their own health insurance works, especially whether it is in effect in the Thousand Oaks area.  Many out of area HMOs do not work in CLU's area unless the primary care provider for the student is changed to a local physician or medical group.  If you are not certain that your health insurance policy is in effect in the Thousand Oaks area, please contact the customer service of your insurance company to have your questions answered.

Full-time CLU students that are uninsured or lack adequate coverage in this region will have the option of voluntarily enrolling in a group plan offered to CLU students by United Healthcare.  Coverage and annual premiums for this policy are being developed at this time and information about it will be available before classes begin in September. 

California residents in low-income families may also be eligible for Medi-Cal benefits and can obtain information from the Ventura County Human Services Agency website at: http://portal.countyofventura.org/portal/page/portal/VCHSA/MediCal

We look forward to seeing you on campus this fall and sincerely hope this change does not have a significant impact for you.


Karen Davis

Vice President for Administration and Finance


William R. Rosser

Vice President for Student Affairs

Dean of Students