CLU's Economic Impact

CLU has long been recognized as a vibrant institution that has immeasurable value as a higher education provider and center for the cultural and intellectual life in the region. A recent study conducted by economics professor Jamshid Damooei proves that the University also has a major impact as a creator of jobs, user of goods and services, and provider of tax revenue.

In determining CLU's economic impact, Damooei considers payroll and operating expenses as well as local purchases by students and campus visitors; economic activity among regional, state and national businesses that provide goods and services to CLU; and expenditures of those who are affected by the spending of CLU employees, students and attendees of university events nationwide.

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CLU's a moneymaker, school says

County's economy reaped $142 million last year
Ventura County Star

CLU a significant economic factor

CLU's impact on Ventura County is $142 million
Thousand Oaks Acorn

Putting Cal Lutheran on the map

Pacific Coast Business Times

Spending   in millions
Countywide $142.0
Statewide $213.0
Nationwide $369.5
Countywide 1,389
Statewide 1,801
Nationwide 3,087
Taxes   in millions
Countywide $21.7
Statewide $32.4
Nationwide $49.6

Based on FY 2008-2009 data

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