ISS Policies

Service Level Agreement

Scope of Service


Support Levels

    • Severity Level 1

      Total loss of a critical resource with no circumvention or workaround in place.
      Example: Loss of Network, Computer Lab, or server functionality.
      Immediate response within 1 business hour.

    • Severity Level 2

      High Impact degradation of critical resources or total loss of a non-critical resource.
      Example: Loss of print capability loss or loss of network connectivity for an entire department.
      Initial response within 4 business hours.

    • Severity Level 3

      Low impact degradation of critical resource or high impact degradation of a non-critical resource.
      Example: Affects fewer than three people. Isolated hardware problems (Keyboard, mouse, display, etc.).
      Initial response at end of next business day.

    • Severity Level 4

      No effect on productivity.
      Example: Monitor showing b/w instead of color.
      Best effort as time allows. No guarantee of response.