ISS Policies

Service Level Agreement

User Responsibility

Users can help keep their computers running smoothly and can make it easier for ISS to assist them by doing a few simple things. The end user responsibilities include the following:

      Reporting Problems

      Report service problems promptly through proper channels. This means contacting the Help Desk via phone or e-mail.


      Provide ISS with access to offices and computer equipment as needed.

      Maintenance Tasks

      • Make sure antivirus software is current and regularly updating virus definitions.
      • Run windows Updates (or Mac updates) on a regular basis to insure a secure and stable system.
      • Backup important files on a regular basis to network storage space or to appropriate backup media.
      • The University has software licenses for the software that is available on CLUnet. Additions, removal, or transfer of such software without authorization is prohibited per U.S. Code, Title 17, Section 106.

    For step by step instructions on computer maintenance go to Maintence Tips


      • Consult with ISS before purchasing software or hardware.
      • All moves of or changes to equipment/software must be reported and approved by ISS.
      • Departments should relay to the help desk any personnel changes, so that equipment and accounts can be properly maintained and security holes narrowed.