EndNote Web

What is EndNote Web?

EndNote Web is a Web-based service designed to help students and researchers through the process of writing a research paper, thesis or dissertation. This tool will help you organize and manage bibliographic citations and articles you find using the Pearson Library's databases and create bibliographic citations using APA, MLA, Chicago or other common style formats.

Getting Started with EndNote Web

Getting started is easy. You will first need to go to the create an account at the myendnoteweb.com site. Then, go through each of these steps of the registration process. Follow the directions at the bottom of the page for installing plug-ins for your Web browser.

Learning to Use EndNote Web

Now that your account is set up, you are ready to learn how EndNote Web works and how it will help you with your paper, thesis or dissertation. Try this tutorial to quickly learn the functions of this tool. Take your time and go back to the tutorial whenever you have spare time and work through the various sections.

Quick Links for Help
For further assistance, contact:
Henri Mondschein, Ed.D.

Tel: 805-493-3012 / email: mondsche@callutheran.edu


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