Library Services

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan (ILL) occurs when a qualifying library borrows from another qualifying library on behalf of a patron. The Library provides ILL services to:

  • Currently enrolled CLU Students
  • CLU Full-Time / Part-Time Faculty
  • CLU University Staff and Administration
  • CLU Faculty Emeritus

Interlibrary Loan services do not extend to spouses or family members of eligible CLU patrons, community borrowers, or alumni. Many public libraries offer these services to the community. The CLU ILL policies provide additional information. Also, the Copyright Clearance Center also has an excellent guide on general issues pertaining to ILL entitled Interlibrary Loan: Copyright Guidelines and Best Practices.

Reserve Materials

The Pearson Library will reserve for students a single and/or multiple copies of copyrighted materials received from CLU faculty and staff on reserve in the library reserve area. The following conditions must apply:

The faculty member who requests that items be placed on reserve follows CLU copyright policies.

Students using reserve materials will abide by all copyright policies and use the resources for personal study and copy limited content for their personal study and use.

This handbook is designed to provide general guidance on copyright issues pertaining to CLU. If you have specific questions, please check with your supervisor.

Distance Learning & Services to Satellite Locations

The University provides library and computer services to students and staff associated with satellite campuses located in Oxnard and Woodland Hills. Services are also provided to doctoral cohorts meeting in Los Angeles and the Ventura County Schools administration building.

The library will provide electronic copies of articles from the print journal collection to all students attending satellite campuses. The library abides by copyright law in fulfilling these requests and can provide one copy of an article for student use. The Satellite Campus Resources page provides a request form and description of additional services.

The TEACH Act & Distance Learning

The TEACH Act was specifically created to address copyright issues as they relate to distance education. The act revises an existing exemption in the Copyright Act that allows performance and displays of copyrighted works that would be displayed in a live classroom setting. Among the provisions of this act are: 1.) that only students officially enrolled in a course can view the work; 2.) transient copies of the work  can be retained as long as reasonably necessary to complete the transmission and 3) performance of certain kinds of works should be limited to reasonable and limited portions.  The Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) provides a complete explanation of the TEACH Act.