Help Desk News & Updates

For the security of CLU accounts, passwords now need to be changed every 180 days (6 months). A series of reminder emails will be automatically sent to an individual account when the password is set to expire. If the deadline passes, and a specific password is not changed, the account will be locked.

"How will I know if my account is locked?" One of the signs of a locked account is that you will not be able to enter the MyCLU Portal and it will say "error unauthorized username and password. To unlock your account, please go to and fill out the online form. Once your account is unlocked, you should be able to login just fine.  Once you have unlocked your account you have 24 hours to change your password or your account will be locked again.  If you experience any difficulties during this process, please call the Help Desk at 805-493-3698 for assistance.

California Lutheran University has implemented a new security profile for online accounts, effective April 1st, 2009. You are now required to have three unique security questions and answers. This will help us verify your identity without needing personally identifiable information like social security numbers or birthdates. To update your security profile, please visit Please note: if your account is locked, or if you do not recall your password, you will not be able to submit the profile questions. Please call the Help Desk at 805-493-3698 if you need any assistance.

If you have a gaming system (Playstation, XBox, etc.), you may register it online at Please note that only WIRED devices are allowed on the network. Consoles that run on wireless, like the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP), are prohibited. For Nintendo Wii owners, LAN adapters are required for wired access conversion. If you are experiencing any difficulties setting up your console, please call the Help Desk; be sure to have your device's IP or MAC address available.


To contact the Help Desk, call or email us at:

Phone: (805) 493-3698