Help Desk News & Updates

Cal Lutheran announces a new Webmail program for students. Starting on November 26, 2007, a new email tab will appear in the myCLU portal called simply “Webmail”. The new Webmail program will be available alongside the old Webmail until December 19, 2007, when the old Webmail will be retired. The new Webmail will contain the same email and folders as the old, along with your address book. The new Webmail program is faster and simpler to use. Please contact the Cal Lutheran Help Desk at x3698 with questions.

Cal Lutheran announces the Microsoft Office 2007 Rollout Open Houses! Starting in December, we will begin to install Office 2007 on faculty, staff, and adminstration computers. Don't miss out on finding out the basics of the Office 2007 system! Please visit the Microsoft Office 2007 Rollout page on the Computer Training site for more information, plus a schedule!

[FALL 2007] OFFICE 2003 + 2007.
All computer labs and Media Services laptops are now equipped with both the 2003 and the newer 2007 versions of Microsoft Office. By default, Office 2007 programs open whenever you double-click on a file. However, if you would like to use Office 2003 instead, there is a file folder on the desktop that is labeled accordingly. Open the 2003 version of the program first, then go to File ►Open to retrieve your document.