The mission of CLU TV is to provide video production servies for CLUtube. Using the CLU TV remote broadcasting truck, CLU TV covers sports, concerts, speakers, and other campus related events. Stop by CLUtube to check out some of the videos!!




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Time Warner TV

Time Warner Cable Channel Lineup

  • Channel 37 = House Channel (used to be channel 16 – Coming soon)
  • Channel 38 = Showtime (coming soon)
  • Channel 39 = Showtime 2 (coming soon)
How do I program my TV channels?
  • Make sure your Coax Cable is connected to your TV (No Cable Box is required)
  • Your TV should detect input cable connection to RF Connecter on your TV.
  • If not, you may need to Select INPUT source—RF Cable
    • When Cable is selected, the TV will detect cable company supplied signals and will search for cable TV (NTSC, ATSC, QAM modulated) channels available in your area
Using your Remote Control or Buttons on your TV:
  1. Find 'MENU' button on the remote control to access the main menu.
  3. Find and Select AUTOPROGRAM in the menu
  4. Find and press the START NOW/BEGIN.

The menu screen disappears and the progress of auto programming is displayed. The progress bar indicates the number of analog and digital TV channels found.

In the event that you do not have a digital-ready televison, and you have an older analog televsion, that television will no longer work on campus. Please note that this is the result of an FCC-mandated switch to digital cable television, of which California Lutheran University has no control.

If you have followed the steps above, and are confident that you have a digital televsion, please call the ISS Help Desk at x3698. The ISS Help Desk will attempt to place you in contact with Time Warner representatives that will be on campus for most of the day.