The CLU Annual Video Festival is held each May in the Preus-Brandt Forum, located next to the library. Every year, we get numerous short film submissions, ranging 4-20 minutes in length.  Every submission will be watched at the Video Festival, and everyone is invited to come and see these talented works of CLU students!

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1st Place - Behind the Storm, by Fernando Raigoza Jr.

2nd Place - A War Within, by Matt Allen and Dylan DiGerolamo

3rd Place - Thanks For the Cache, by Nicole Uritis, Courtney Wickman and Jocelyn Frankhuizen



1st Place - One More Rep..., by Fernando Raigoza Jr.

2nd Place - The Glory, by Stephen Wardle

3rd Place - Sword Fight of Death, by Coby Allen



1st Place - Wire, by Eric Vaughn

2nd Place - Writers Block, by Michael Christensen

3rd Place - Game Over, by Fernando Raigoza Jr.



1st Place - Edge, by Andrew Lahey and Rachel Baker

2nd Place - Do You Remember, by Amy Downing

3rd Place - A Long Shot, by Mary Howie and Karli Watland



No Festival



1st Place - Trailers, by Steve Alloway

2nd Place - Luke Waymires Guide to College, Patrick Mason

3rd Place - Options, by Lyssa Jacobson



1st Place - The Horror, by John Morse

2nd Place - The Last Shot, Lyssa Jacobson

3rd Place - Abel, by Ben Gollotti and Jason Johnson

1st Place Experimental - Refulgence, by Ben Campanaro



1st Place - Hip Hop Norge, by Trygge Toven

2nd Place - Frozen Path, by Ben Campanaro

3rd Place - In This Skin, by John Morse

3rd Place - Res Rei Magnus Maior Maximus, by Mike McCarthy and Julie Cole



1st Place - R.A.N., by Rob Munguia

2nd Place - Basketball Fundamentals, by Joe Van Dalsen

3rd Place - Cooperfish Surfboard, by Ryan Carpenter



1st Place - How Dare You, Comma, You Bastard, by Kat Bryan

2nd Place - Blasted Caps, by Travis Watkins

3rd Place - At What Cost?, by Jake Nannery



1st Place - You're My Teacher, by Liz Renteria

2nd Place - Salesman Video, by Lucas Johnson

3rd Place - Thespian Survivor, by Oliver Trimble



1st Place - Life In the Cage, by Eddie Doty

2nd Place - Going Postal, by Oliver Trimble

3rd Place - Irresistable - The Intro, by Charles White



1st Place - Poppers, by Penny Yost

2nd Place - The Crush, by Sunny Merino

3rd Place - The Addict, by Nick Aronoff



1st Place - I Am Superman, by Jason Goldsmith and Rick Bawett

2nd Place - Visual Trends 3D, by Vesko Kehaiov

3rd Place - The World Is Mine, by Claus Peterson



1st Place - Fever, by Suzanne Ghersi

2nd Place - Mission Impossible, by Nick Aronoff

3rd Place - The Adventures of Delli & Dave, by Matt McGinnes and Summer Mason



1st Place - Mr. and Mrs. Wondertramp, by Karen Roy

2nd Place - Los Olivias Adobe, by April Branigan

3rd Place - 1/2, by Daisuke Kinouchi


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