Media Services

Television Studio

The television studio features three Hitachi 2-2010A cameras, a Sennheisser 416 microphone on a Mole Richardson studio boom. There are three curtains, studio gray, black and chroma key green. There is also a small grip package consisting of flags, silks, scrims and C stands.
The lighting grid has 2k soft lights, 1 and 2k fresnel fixtures, 8 cyc lights and 1 and 2k tungston balanced flourescent lighting.
The rosco dimmer strips are all controlled by an ETC 48 channel lighting board.
The control booth features two Sony DV cam VTRs, 1-3/4" VTR, and SVHS/VHS deck. The heart of the system is a Sony DFS-700A switcher.
For titles there is a FireWriter character generater and an Apple G4 with adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop. For audio recording there is a 16 channel Mackie mixer.