WorldCat Local:

Search California Lutheran University Pearson Library and Beyond


What is WorldCat Local (WCL)?
WCL is the main entryway to Pearson Library's print and digital collections for CLU students, staff, and faculty. This single access point is a "discovery tool" that allows library users to "discover" all types of resources available from Pearson Library and from 70,000 libraries worldwide, including books, ebooks, full-text articles, article abstracts, DVDs, and more. Search WorldCat Local

What types of resources are included?
-Books and ebooks
-Full text articles (journals, newspapers,etc)
-Media (films, CDs, images, etc.)
-Government documents

What are some features of WCL?
-Provides full-text content of articles, ebooks, videos, and more from databases when Pearson
Library has a subscription
-Integrates interlibrary loan requests to make it easy
-Shows how to cite an item in APA, Chicago, MLA, and Turabian styles
-Allows you to save searches, write reviews, add tags, and create lists of resources

What is not included in my WCL search?
Some materials that are on order or in the process of being added to the collection

How do I use WCL?
Using WCL is easy! Watch tutorials on how to search using the basic search and advanced search options, and how to get the full text of the resource:

Search tips:
-Use quotation marks to search for a phrase (“Pride and Prejudice”)
-Use + to include terms in your search (guns + germs + steel)
-Use – to exclude unwanted materials in your search (Portland – Maine)
-Use # to replace a single character (wom#an) finds woman, women, womyn)
-Use ? to replace any number of additional characters (veg?e finds veggie, vegetable, vegetation, etc.)
- Use * to search for vacations of a word (environment* finds environmental, etc.)

WCL feedback:
Send your comments, thoughts, and questions to We want to hear your thoughts so that we can improve this tool.