Technology Updates for Fall 2012

Welcome back, students! While you've been gone we have been working hard to bring you new and better technology features on campus. These improvements were made possible by the Student Technology fee. We hope you find these additions beneficial to your Cal Lutheran experience!

Faster Internet Access

In an effort to address issues with slow Internet connections and a rising demand for Internet access, Cal Lutheran has more than doubled the Internet bandwidth on the Thousand Oaks campus. Additional Internet bandwidth was also added at the Oxnard and Woodland Hills facilities.

Better Wi-Fi Infrastructure

Adding bandwidth to the Internet was just part of the project to upgrade improved connectivity on campus. The University's Wi-Fi system was nine years old and created a bottle-neck for wireless users. The new Wi-Fi system removes bottlenecks on the wireless network while improving the experience in residence halls and common areas.

Additional wireless access points were added to residence halls, classroom buildings and other common facilities on campus to ensure the availability of strong WiFi connections. Older access points were also replaced with newer hardware capable of supporting more user connections.

Gmail: Now Powering Your Account

In an effort to provide a full-featured email and collaboration suite to students, Cal Lutheran has implemented Google Apps for Education for all students as well as a Gmail interface for Cal Lutheran email accounts. You will still have a email address, but your mail account will have a Gmail interface with 25 GB of storage, spam/virus filtering, and IMAP and POP access.

You will also have access to all of the features included in Google Apps for Education: Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Groups, Google Calendar, and video and voice chat all in a very secure environment.

Google Apps Integration for Blackboard

The integration of Google Apps for Education with Cal Lutheran's Blackboard Course Management System (CMS) enables instructors to collaborate with Cal Lutheran students via the students' "" accounts. Blackboard allows instructors to create Docs, Calendars, and Sites within the Google Apps environment. Once created and linked within a Blackboard course or organization, this Google Apps content is shared automatically with all students enrolled in the course or organization.

Sharing settings for Docs and Sites by default assigns the "collaborator" role for all students, allowing the students to edit and add to the linked Docs and Sites. Students by default have only viewing access to a Google Calendar linked within Blackboard.

Blackboard Mobile on More Carriers

Cal Lutheran has been offering mobile access to BlackBoard via the Sprint network or WiFi. Starting this fall, Blackboard will be accessible on any iOS, Android, or Windows SmartPhone via any data carrier including AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

LyndaCampus - Training Videos from

LyndaCampus provides access to the Online Training Library to everyone on campus. The MyCLU portal is your gateway to accessing and using LyndaCampus. Master a variety of computer, technical, and organizational skills by taking any of the 1,400 + courses. Subject areas include: 3D, Audio, Business, Design, Developer, Photography, Video, and Web.

Access from a tab in the MyCLU portal. You may also access training materials on your Android or iOS device by downloading the free app. In the App, select "Web Portal Access" and provide our domain: and follow the on-screen directions to input your MyCLU account user name and password.

ConnectYard - Communicate Better with Faculty

ConnectYard integrates with Blackboard by opening a dynamic two-way messaging channel for students and faculty and staff. Students can receive and respond to messages from social media spaces such as Facebook and Twitter or via any text-capable mobile device that originated in Blackboard or Cal Lutheran email. Notifications for all communication channels are opt-in.