CLUnet electronic list creation request

CLU faculty and administrators may use this request form for the creation of electronic mailing lists (called "e-lists").
Read the following information, fill in and submit this electronic form. Information will be forwarded to you
when information is verified and the list is created.

Note: All fields appearing in purple require information input

Enter a name for the e-list from 5 to 10 characters. If used for a class, use the course number, e.g., bus101 or art200.


A brief description of the list


An owner for the list


Owner's e-mail address


Where can we contact you if there are questions?


A welcome message to greet new subscribers, in addition to the message automatically generated by the list processor describing how to use the Majordomo and MajorCool software

The list can be either open to all, allowing anyone to join at will; or controlled, where the owner controls who subscribes

Open (preferred)     Controlled

Send mail options: normal (allows anyone to post messages), moderated (ditto, but with list-owner interaction), or closed (only list-owner can post)

Normal      Moderated     Closed

Replies can be received by the whole list, or return automatically to the original sender of the message too

Whole (preferred)     Automatic

The owner can choose to be notified of people joining and leaving the list

Please notify the list-owner

Please add any further comments or background information that may help us to set up your list (optional)