Master of Science in Economics

The Master of Science in Quantitative Economics program, MSQE, emphasizes the development of theory and practical application.  The program has a more intense quantitative element, more econometrics, financial economics, and theory, than most Masters in Economics programs.  The econometrics curriculum contains a forecasting component that provides valuable hands-on application of theory and econometric tools.  Our Southern California location is ideal for access to job and recreation opportunities.

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What's New

MS in Quantitative Economics ranked 4th by Financial Engineer! »
The Master of Science in Quantitative Economics has garnered a 4th place ranking as a Quantitative Economics program! This was with the Financial Engineer, a website that tracks and ranks academic programs in Financial Engineering, Economics, and Business.

New Program Name Provides a More Precise View of M.S. Economics »
The School of Management at California Lutheran University is changing the name of its Master of Science in Economics degree. Students in the program going forward will earn a Master of Science in Quantitative Economics.

What will this program do for you?

A Formula for Success

"Cal Lutheran is a friendly, close-knit community that cultivates both academic and personal growth.

The M.S. Economics provided a challenging mathematical-oriented degree that focused on real-world applications. It is fantastic preparation for either career advancement or a Ph.D. program."

Molly Clancy '10
Modeler, Control Insights and Analytics, Google

"Our classes are small, and you will work closely with your professors. That also means you can't hide. When done, you will know how to take an assignment, do the research, prepare a high-quality report and give an engaging presentation, all in a very short time frame.

Whether you plan to pursue a Ph.D., or move straight to the private sector, you will be prepared to be effective right away."

Bill Watkins, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Economics

Prepare to Advance

Because what you will do after graduation is directly proportional to what you do in school.

Inside the classroom:

  • A world–class faculty
  • Rigorous preparation in mathematics, statistical analysis, and research
  • Strong emphasis on the development of applied economic concepts and theory

Outside the classroom:

There is no substitute for experience. Cal Lutheran's Center for Economic Research and Forecasting (CERF) will put our students to work, providing unique opportunities for close collaboration with faculty in a thriving professional environment.

Students get hands-on training as applied economists in business, government and nonprofit settings where they will use their skills to:

  • Perform rigorous econometric analysis
  • Create and understand valid models and forecasts
  • Analyze options and make recommendations
  • Present and defend the analysis and recommendations in writing and in formal presentations

Project Based and Intellectually Rigorous

The Master's of Science in Quantitative Economics degree offers a highly applied curriculum and includes close collaboration with members of a world-class economic faculty and economics forecasting team. The program includes seminars, projects, applied research, analysis, assessment, and more. International and domestic students are enrolled together in small classes (fewer than 20) that emphasize practical applications and interactive learning. International students need to attend the MS Econ program full-time to meet Visa requirements. This typically implies Fall entry. Other entry points might be available, however, this would imply greater tuition costs. Students design such a course-plan by meeting with a MS Econ advisor.

Program Highlights »

The Overton Research Scholarship

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