New Program Name Provides a More Precise View of M.S. Economics

The School of Management at California Lutheran University is changing the name of its Master of Science in Economics degree. Students in the program going forward will earn a Master of Science in Quantitative Economics.

The program itself will remain unchanged. So, why the name change? We caught up with Professors and program leaders Bill Watkins and Dan Hamilton for more.

"The name change is not a reflection of any program changes, but rather is a better name for the existing program." Hamilton told us. "It provides a more accurate description of the program for prospective students, prospective employers of our students, and prospective Ph.D. programs for our students."

The program has always had a more intense quantitative element than many Masters in Economics programs, emphasizing the development of applied economic concepts, theory and applications along with rigorous preparation in mathematics, statistical analysis, and research.

"Some masters in economics programs can be too easy," said Watkins. "Ours is hard and math intensive. Adding 'Quantitative' tells students and potential employers exactly what the program is all about. Students know what they are signing up to do. Employers can expect our graduates to have a quantitative skill set. In effect, they are tooled up and ready to be immediately productive."

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