Business Foundations Program

For Applicants with a Bachelor Degree in an Area other than Business

Applicants with a bachelor degree in an area other than business may be admitted to the MBA program with the requirement that they complete up to 4 additional courses as part of their curriculum. These courses comprise the Business Foundations Program and require one additional term (3 additional months) and additional tuition for the required foundations courses. Students enrolled in Business Foundations courses are fully-admitted MBA students; they simply have up to 4 additional courses to complete as part of their MBA curriculum. Business Foundations courses include:

  • Foundations of Accounting and Finance
  • Foundations of Business Methods and Communication
  • Foundations of Economics
  • Foundations of Quantitative Methods

Business Foundations Course Descriptions

BUS 511: Foundations of Accounting and Finance

Basic principles of accounting and finance will be presented as a foundation for advanced study and as a vocational skill. The course will include covering the accounting cycle, basic financial statements for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations as forms of entities, plus the time value of money, stock valuation, weighted average cost of capital, bond interest, and how to use a financial calculator.

BUS 512: Foundations of Business Methods and Communication

Professional communication skills are consistently rated among the top five characteristics of successful managers. The goal of this course is to get you to think strategically about communication so that you have the ability to analyze an audience, tailor your messages to match the communication context, and employ the most effective medium for communicating your ideas and leading others. Although we will work on the basic skills of business writing, speaking, and listening, we will also focus on management-level communication skills including team and meeting management, internal and external communications, intercultural variables, and communication ethics. Strong writing and business research skills are critical, and students are expected to produce research papers and documents that follow the American rules of business writing. This course will provide opportunities for you to learn to effectively express your ideas and opinions and learn how to evaluate others'. You will also become familiar with American writing and research practices so that you are prepared to produce quality papers in business school. Through faculty and guest lectures, case studies, readings, group work, presentations, and individual and collaborative writing assignments, you will learn to think creatively, analytically, and strategically about communication as a vital element of effective management.

BUS 513: Foundations of Economics

This course provides the groundwork for a general understanding of economics. It deals with both aspects of the study of economics (Micro and Macroeconomics). Microeconomics explains economic decision making by the individual economic agents, and Macroeconomics describes the working of an economic system and its behavior as a whole. In order to help students to get a better grasp of the pertinent discussions and follow them in a systematic order, the course is divided into five segments.

BUS 514: Foundations of Quantitative Methods

The main objective of this course is to help the entering MBA students to acquire and/or refresh basic math and quantitative skills needed to succeed in the MBA program.

This course aims to review mathematical concepts and methods which are frequently used in core courses such as Statistics, Management Science, Finance, Economic Analysis and Accounting. The course is designed for full-time incoming MBA students who:

  • Have not taken a formal course in math and/or statistics, or
  • Have taken these course long ago and need to refresh this knowledge, or
  • Are not confident with basic quantitative skills, statistics and mathematics.

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