Program of Study

The MBA at CLU consists of 15 courses (45 credits), comprised of 12 required courses (including the capstone class) and 3 electives. Unique to the MBA at CLU is the possibility to begin the program at any of 4 start dates throughout the calendar year. These include:

  • Fall term (beginning late August)
  • Winter term (beginning mid November)
  • Spring term (beginning late February)
  • Summer term (beginning late May)

At CLU each term is accelerated and intensive, representing a full semester of learning compressed into 11-12 weeks. As a result, the full academic program can be completed in 12 months of accelerated study. However, if they choose, students can take longer to complete their MBA (15, 18, 21, or 24 months).

General or Specialized MBA

Students may choose to earn either a general MBA or an MBA with an emphasis selected from several alternative professional tracks. This decision can be made prior to arrival, after arrival, or modified while enrolled in the program. Areas of specialization include:

To specialize in one of these fields, students select 3 elective courses within the appropriate emphasis area. Upon awarding of the MBA degree, recognition of this achievement is clearly detailed on the graduate's diploma and permanent academic records.

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