What Our Students Say

Jesper K. Laursen


Human Resources Associate
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

"Organizational behavior and development, change management and cross cultural understanding- these are just a few of the areas in which the IMBA program at CLU helped preparing me for a future with a large international organization. Our classes took place in beautiful surroundings with inspiring professors and the program introduced me to an international group of fellow graduates- many with whom I am still friends today."

Petra Melbinger


Human Resources Specialist
Magna International Europe

"I could not have made any better decision than choosing to participate in the IMBA Program of California Lutheran University because the combination of professional and highly qualified faculty, paired with an interesting, diverse and mind-challenging curriculum and the social experiences I was able to make during my stay in wonderful Southern California have equipped me with the tools and skills needed in today's fast changing and challenging economic landscape. I was able to learn fundamental business, strategic and managerial competencies that have been supplemented with social and interpersonal experiences gained from living, working and studying together with people from all around the world.

"Being part of the wonderful IMBA Program family has helped me from the early days of preparing to move to the USA, during my time being at CLU and the friendships I made last till this day which makes me very proud and grateful. I now have a network of friends and former professors all around the globe. The IMBA Program definitely exceeded my expectations by all means, and let's be honest - spending a year in sunny Southern California is not too bad either!

"The IMBA Program at CLU definitely provided me the necessary skills and competencies to act and operate on an extraordinary business level that is not only appreciated here at Magna but at any other global company."

Bob Bushnell


Director, Strategy and Business Development
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems
Space and Airborne Systems
Raytheon Company

Having to do a lot of domestic and international travel in my job as a business development executive for a large aerospace company, I found the MBA program at Cal Lutheran to be a perfect fit for my busy lifestyle and unpredictable schedule. When my travel demands were more predictable, I could always find classes that were conveniently scheduled and located close to my home or office. During periods of heavy travel, weekend classes were often the solution.

"Pursuing an MBA with an emphasis in International Business, I found the content of my coursework to be immediately beneficial and relevant to my work. My professors were extremely knowledgeable in their fields, always accessible, and most helpful in working with me to achieve success in the program. The program gets high marks from me in terms of value, quality and convenience.

Markus Amendt


Founder and CEO

"With my background in engineering and after finishing my MBA in International Business at the CLU in 2009, I was feeling ready to start my own company. With my Partners in India we provide knowledge and technology to the renewable energy market . From the initial idea to business development, from finance to marketing, the MBA program at CLU had given me all the required tools to launch my business. I particularly profited from my emphasis in international business in which I learned how to deal and leverage cross cultural differences. Thanks CLU for the support!"

Martin Alexander Berg


Stock Broker (Equity/High Yield Sales)
Pareto Securities

"Taking additional finance classes was extremely helpful in the startup of my career. The world of financial markets and instruments is a very complex one for which the MBA at CLU has prepared me well. I also liked that all classes at CLU are small, and that interaction with the instructors therefore was very intensive. The way my professors focused on their experience and explained difficult theory from a practical standpoint intrigued me to want to understand the different aspects of business. I wanted to be prepared to understand instead of just remembering."

Ting Liu


Santa Cruz Biotechnology

Ting Liu is from China and a recent graduate of the international MBA program at CLU. She has accepted employment in the position of Document Layout Specialist with Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc., a multinational company headquartered in Santa Cruz, California.

When asked to share thoughts on her recent experience with the MBA program at CLU, she responded, "The international MBA program at Cal Lutheran came at the right stage of my life and expanded my perspective. It offered me a gorgeous chance to learn more about business, to read and discuss all aspects of management and, most of all, to benefit from professors, who are both excellent academics with rich experience as well as bring business practices into the classroom. CLU's MBA has exposed me to a new and wide-ranging knowledge of theory, principles, and culture which are different from what I have experienced before."

Andreas Krasser


Technical Sales Engineer
Texas Instruments

"CLU's MBA program has been the perfect complement to my already existing degree in Industrial Engineering. It added an economic component to my knowledge base and expanded my experience in collaborating with other international students. Both the courses offered as well as the very professional and knowledgeable professors made my time at CLU highly memorable. CLU's MBA has been a major enabler for me to get my current job as it made my career profile far more complete and thereby interesting, especially for large multinational organizations."

Emanuel Bischofberger


Associate, Corporate Finance/Valuations
KPMG Europe LLP, Frankfurt, Germany

"After studying in Austria, China, and South Korea I sought a new challenge to complete and enhance my academic profile and enlarge my personal outlook. I decided to face this challenge in California Lutheran University's MBA program.

"Not only did I never regret my decision to come to CLU, the whole experience exceeded my expectations by far. The mere fact that I have landed a job in corporate finance with one of the "Big Four" companies, KPMG, right after having graduated is a great testimony to the quality of the MBA program at CLU. Among all the classes I have taken, I would like to point out the exceptional finance classes that are taught by instructors who are both knowledgeable scholars and experienced professionals.

"The whole environment at CLU is a combination of one of the most beautiful places to live at, a family like campus where professors actually know your name, small class sizes, students from all over the world, as well as outstanding academics.

"CLU will provide you with a new edge and shape your profile giving you the possibility to think outside the box and keep up with the fast pace of today's rapidly changing world. Most if not all the companies today want their employees to be internationally educated professionals and CLU definitively is the place to get that."

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