Program Highlights

As a student in CLU's MBA program, you will learn to analyze and evaluate business conditions, respond effectively to economic challenges, manage personnel fairly, and utilize ethical criteria for decision-making. Relevant and rigorous course work, a diverse and dynamic classroom setting, and an emphasis on technology characterize the program.

Students have seven professional tracks from which to choose, including Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Technology Management, International Business, Marketing, Management and Organizational Behavior, Nonprofit and Social Enterprise, Econometrics and Macro Economics.

All MBA core courses are offered at the main campus in Thousand Oaks, and graduate centers in Oxnard and Woodland Hills. Elective courses are offered on the main campus in Thousand Oaks.

The goal of the MBA program is to develop well-rounded professionals who understand:

  • Economic, legal, political and strategic factors
  • Concepts and processes in finance and financial institutions, production, marketing and distribution
  • Concepts and methods of accounting, quantitative methods and information systems
  • Organizational theory, interpersonal relationships, leadership and motivational strategies and communications
  • Administrative processes, integrative strategies and management policy determination in challenging conditions
  • Ethical values and systems for decision-making
  • Information technology for enterprises and professionals in business and technology

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