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A Master's of Business Administration, or MBA, is a professional graduate degree designed to provide higher-level practical and theoretical knowledge to those who will manage and lead within existing organizations or establish and operate new firms. Created over 100 years ago in the United States, the MBA has become one of the most valuable and recognized professional credentials in the world.The Austrian MBA program is based on CLU's accredited MBA program that prepares students to be innovative and responsible leaders who are able to:

  • Analyze and evaluate business conditions
  • Continually apply learning skills
  • Manage personnel with fair standards
  • Utilize ethical criteria for decision making
  • Advance their careers or transition to new ones

CLU's MBA program in Austria consists of 15 courses, or 45 credit units:

  • BUS 521 Statistical Analysis for Managers
  • BUS 522 Management Science
  • BUS 531 Managerial Economics
  • BUS 551 Managerial Accounting
  • BUS 565 Organizational Theory and Development
  • BUS 567 Behavioral Science for Management
  • BUS 568 Business Ethics
  • BUS 573 Law for Business Executives
  • BUS 574 Capstone Course: Strategic Management
  • BUS 575 Marketing Theory
  • BUS 581 Management Concepts for Information Technology
  • BUS 591 Financial Principles and Policies
  • BUS 592 International Business
  • BUS 576 Sales Management
  • BUS 585 Production and Operations Management

All courses are instructed by CLU full-time, part-time, or visiting faculty members. The School of Management at CLU is home to a distinguished international faculty who are broadly experienced in a wide array of global private- and public-sector professional environments. The faculty maintain close and practical contact with business, industry, and government. All graduate faculty have earned advanced educational degrees from highly-regarded international institutions of higher learning, and over 90% of CLU full-time faculty are doctorally qualified.

CLU's MBA program in Austria follows a unique format that blends classroom learning with online education and a field trip:

  • Seven online courses using CLU's award winning e-Learning platform. In all online courses, Austrian students will share classes with US and, sometimes, other international students.
  • Six courses in Graz Austria, delivered in a compressed weekend format, instructed by CLU full-time or adjunct professors.
  • Two courses, taught by US professors and sometimes shared by other international students, during an intensive 2-week summer program in Thousand Oaks, California (USA). The 2-week summer program includes extra-curricular events such as guest speakers, site visits and field trips.

The entire program can be completed in 18 months.

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