CSC 500 Advanced Algorithm and Data Structures (4)

Explore fundamental techniques such as recursion, dynamic programing for efficient algorithm, graph, pattern matching, sorting, searching algorithm. Use of time complexity in evaluating algorithms. Review of composite data types such as arrays, records, strings, and sets. Definition, implementation, and application of data structures such as stacks, queues, linked lists, trees and graphs.

CSC 505 Advanced Computer Graphics (4)

This course covers the theory, design, implementation and applications of advanced computer graphics environment. 3D computer games, scientific visualization. Includes transformation, shading, lighting, rasterization, texturing and other topics.

CSC 508 Computer Vision (4)

Methods of computer processing of image data. Description and recognition of objects, shape analysis, edge and region segmentation, texture, image understanding. Overview of image processing, pattern recognition: image formation, binary images, edge detection.

CSC 510 Advanced Database Systems (4)

This course provides students with advanced skills in the development of medium to very large database applications in a multi-user environment using relational database. It includes topics such as multi-user database issues, database application tuning and optimization. Query Optimization, data warehousing, data mining, transaction processing, concurrency control and recovery.

CSC 512 Intelligent Information System (4)

Knowledge discovery in database, knowledge base maintenance, knowledge-base and database integration architectures and scale-up issues and applications to cooperative database systems, intelligent decision support systems, and intelligent planning and scheduling systems.

CSC 521 Advance Computer System Architecture (4)

Machine organization and design, formal descriptions, comparative study of machine instruction sets and formats, data representation and floating point, address structures, mechanization of procedure calls, memory organization and management, microprogramming, I/O processing and interrupts, and reliability aspects.

CSC 522 Embedded Systems (4)

Students learn how to design, code, debug, and build detailed low-level embedded application systems using several embedded system tools.

CSC 535 Object Oriented Software Development (4)

Fundamentals of object-oriented modeling. In-depth study of object oriented development methods. Object oriented software requirements analysis and modeling.

CSC 540 Advanced Operating Systems (4)

Introduction to design and evaluation of modern operating systems. Organization of multiprogramming and multiprocessing systems. Dynamic memory allocation, memory management, virtual memory, I/O control, and file systems. Resource allocation; scheduling, synchronization, protection, process model, interlocks, and deadlocks.

CSC 544 Web-based Database Application (4)

Course includes architectural concepts, database applications programming, and interfacing on the web. Server-side Web development. Database driven applications development using Internet communications and server side script technologies.

CSC 550 Advanced Network and Data Communications (4)

The principles, techniques and applications of networking and data communications. State of the art practical technology, WAN, standards, protocols, topologies, electronic/voice mail systems, electronic bulletin boards, and network performance.

CSC 560 Advanced Computer System Security (4)

Security techniques in operating systems, data bases, and computer networks. Encryption/decryption. Supporting techniques such as auditing, risk analysis, and cost benefit tradeoffs are discussed. Security analysis of network protocols and network vulnerabilities. Analysis of scanning, spoofing, hijacking and denial of service attacks. Authentication and access control in computer networks. Firewalls and network monitoring tools. Intrusion detection techniques.

CSC 570 Creative Technology (4)

Introduction to state-of-the-art technology for networked multimedia systems. Current media related issues, algorithms, data handling, networking, and deployment for modern distributed multimedia systems; efficient design and standards for multimedia.

CSC 580 Artificial Intelligence and Expert System (4)

An exploration of the use of computers to perform computations associated with intelligence. Game playing, search, problem solving, knowledge representation, planning, learning. Introduction to the concepts and techniques of expert systems.

CSC 582 Special Topics (4)

Examples include:

  • Pattern Recognition
  • Parallel programming/architecture
  • VLSI CAD Techniques
  • Game Development
CSC 585 Seminar (2-4)

Research methods in computer science. Students presentations covering current topics in research, updating of concepts and verifications of principles of computer science and its applications. Pass/no pass grade

CSC 590 Independent Study 1-4 credits
CSC 599A Graduate Project (4)

Integrating computer system and information system technologies: development of an integrated technical architecture(hardware, software, networks, and data) and implementation of the system in a rapidly changing competitive and technological environment.
Prerequisite: Three required courses, and four electives

CSC 599B Graduate Project (4)

Integrating computer system and information system technologies: development of an integrated technical architecture(hardware, software, networks, and data) and implementation of the system in a rapidly changing competitive and technological environment.
Prerequisite: CS599A

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