Program Highlights

This is robust program that includes both business and technology elements.

If you want to expand and deepen your technical skills, add to your business knowledge, prepare for systems analysis and project management roles, this is degree for you.

The Perfect Blend of Technical and Business

If you tend toward the technical but still want a degree with significant business emphasis, this is the right program for you.

Comparison of Technology and Business programs

Get Experience with Big Data

Timely and relevant information has become the lifeblood of our economy. More than ever, businesses depend on IT to maintain and make sense of a continually growing stream of data — and then use these virtual insights to provide solutions to the real problems they face.

Learning how to solve these problems requires working with real-world data. Lots of data. Big data. That's why Cal Lutheran students have access to invaluable research resources, including a fully functional data processing cluster and actual, real-world data sets.

Prepare for a Leadership Role

As an MSIST graduate, you will be prepared for a number of positions in the IT field including senior systems analyst, applications development manager, data center manager, technical services director, software engineer, and database administrator.

Other management-oriented roles include project manager, program manager, and line management roles in technical organizations.

A Growing Job Market

The job market for IST professionals is forecast for continued growth. The Occupational Outlook Handbook places various IST careers in five of the top 20 growth positions nationwide, and in seven of the top 10 positions in terms of job growth in Los Angeles County.

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