MSIST Program Requirements

The curriculum includes a total of 12 graduate courses (36 credits), based on the Association for Information Systems' Model Curriculum. All courses will be offered in 11-week terms. Three foundation courses are required, along with four core IST courses. Three additional IST electives and two MBA or MPPA electives are also required.

Foundation Courses

You will complete three foundation courses (nine credits) to be taken in your first term in the MSIST program. These courses provide the foundation for the overall program. Note: if you plan to only take one or two courses in your first term, BUS581 (and IST586) must be taken first.

  • BUS 581 Management Concepts for Info Technology
  • IST 586 Information Systems and Business Strategy
  • BUS 567 Behavioral Science for Management

Information Technology Core Courses

You will select four of the following IST core courses (12 credits) for program completion. There are no substitutes for core IST courses.

  • IST 503 Project and Change Management
  • IST 532 Distributed Systems and Applications
  • IST 534 Data Management
  • IST 535 Information Security Management
  • IST 570 Emerging Technologies and Issues
  • IST 583 Business Systems Development
  • IST 584 Data Communications and Networking

Note: Some of the courses listed above are cross-listed with BUS versions in the MBA program. IST students need to register for the IST sections of all classes above.

Information Technology Electives

You may select three elective courses (9 credits) from the following IST elective course offerings below. You can also select courses from the Computer Science program.*

  • IST 501 Health Care Information Systems
  • IST 502 IT Infrastructure
  • IST 539 Global Information Technology
  • IST 530 Information Systems and Ethics
  • IST 536 Fundamentals of Web Development
  • IST 548 SAP for Managers
  • IST 582 Special Topics
  • IST 587 Management Concepts for eBusiness
  • IST 599 Integrated Project (See Program Director)

* Computer Science courses can be used to supplement or substitute IST electives above (if desired). You can choose from the following computer science courses:

  • CSC 500 Advanced Algorithm and Data Structure
  • CSC 510 Advanced Database Systems
  • CSC 521 Advanced Computer System Architecture
  • CSC 540 Advanced Operating Systems
  • CSC 550 Advanced Network and Data Communications
  • CSC 505 Advanced Computer Graphics
  • CSC 508 Computer Vision
  • CSC 512 Intelligent Information System
  • CSC 522 Embedded System Design
  • CSC 535 Object Oriented Software Development
  • CSC 544 Web-based Database Application
  • CSC 560 Advanced Computer System Security
  • CSC 570 Creative Technology
  • CSC 580 Artificial Intelligence and Expert System
  • CSC 582 Special Topics (e.g. Computer Forensics, Data Warehousing)

Note: All CSC courses above require the following pre-requisites: IST534 (Data Management) and IST584 (Data Communications and Networking)

Business Electives

You will select two business courses (6 credits) from across the MBA non-technical program offerings or the MPPA program. Examples are below:

MBA course electives
  • BUS 531 Managerial Economics
  • BUS 551 Managerial Accounting
  • BUS 565 Organizational Theory and Development
  • BUS 568 Business Ethics
  • BUS 573 Law for Business Executives
  • BUS 575 Marketing Theory
  • BUS 516 Management & Marketing for High-Technology Innovations
  • BUS 517 Marketing for Nonprofit & Social Enterprise
  • BUS 529 Executive Roundtable
  • BUS 537 Sustainable Business Strategies (Green Business)
  • BUS 538 Strategic Public Relations
  • BUS 543 International Business Opportunities European Community, Latin America or Pacific Rim
  • BUS 556 CSR & Social Enterprise
  • BUS 564 Behavioral Finance
  • BUS 577 Negotiation and Conflict Management
  • BUS 582 Entrepreneurial Thinking

Note: all MBA courses above have no pre-requisites.

MPPA course electives
  • PA 505 Local Economic Development
  • PA 507 Strategic Planning
  • PA 510 Leadership
  • PA 512 Communication
  • PA 550 Research Methods
  • PA 554 Public Budgeting and Finance
  • PA 556 Inter-Governmental Relations
  • PA 562 Human Resource Management
  • PA 570 Civic Engagements
  • PA 571 Non Profit Management
  • PA 582 (ST) California Policy Development and Political Process
  • PA 593 Public Administration Theory
  • PA 595 Implementation and Analysis of Public Policy
  • PA 596 Urban Policy and Planning
  • PA 598 Law and Public Policy
  • PA 582 Selected Topic (varies)

Note: all MPPA courses above have no pre-requisites.

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